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TCU Recruiting: A Giant Kick in the Jollies

Despite a good list of commits to this point, things have not been going well for TCU on the recruiting trail as of late.

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It's the offseason, which means it's time to over-analyze every single detail we can get our hands on. Today, the topic is recruiting. Here's how the current class of 2014 stands, according to Horned Frog Blitz.

Class of 2014

QB Foster Sawyer - Brenham HS, 6-foot-5, 215. (4-Stars)

QB Grayson Muehlstein - Decatur HS, 6-foot-4, 205. (3-Stars)

DT Zaycoven Henderson - Longview HS, 6-foot-3, 287. (4-Stars)

CB Nick Foster - Fossil Ridge HS, 5-foot-11, 175. (3-Stars)

OT Austin Schlottmann - Brenham HS, 6-foot-5, 285. (3-Stars)

Not a bad list so far, despite it being a little shorter than what most Frog fans are comfortable with at this point. From all accounts Sawyer and Muehlstein are both prepared for a battle. With them, Zach Allen and Tyler Matthews, the quarterback position looks very solid for the next five years.

Monster Zaycoven Henderson has recently said he's completely committed to TCU, despite the fact that he will continue to take the occasional visit elsewhere.

Schlottmann is a very versatile lineman, who just committed last week. He can play tackle, guard or center, and has the frame to add quite a bit more weight.

However, people are still pretty down on TCU recruiting to this point. I think people wouldn't be so flustered if the recent recruiting losses hadn't taken place. Two flips and a commitment elsewhere definitely feels like a kick in the groin. I'm talking about the losses of commits Johnny Shaw and Emmanuel Porter, and the recent commitment of Connor Mayes to Minnesota.

First off, Shaw was apparently sitting around waiting for Texas to offer, and jumped when they finally did. TCU's staff found him early, but since the flip rumors are that the staff isn't too hurt by his switch, citing slow shuttle times as a reason. That could be honest, but it could also be a front, so take that for what it's worth.

The big hit came when Emmanuel Porter, wide receiver recruit from Lincoln HS in Dallas, decommitted at a Texas camp about a week ago, eventually committing to the Longhorns. Porter, listed as a 3-star recruit on, is the type of recruit that Gary Patterson has cemented his legacy on. An under-recruited guy with gobs of speed and potential.

Porter was the only wide receiver commit to this point for TCU's 2014 class, but he'll be the 5th for Texas.

The one that hurts the most though, is the commitment of monster center Connor Mayes to Minnesota. The 335-pounder is a TCU legacy, and it seemed like he was destined to be the cornerstone of this offensive line for the next four seasons. However, his older brother Alex is getting settled in with Minnesota, and while up there helping him move in, Connor made the Gophers his choice.

A lot of people will point at the fact that TCU's staff didn't offer Alex as the reason for Connor not committing. Others will say it didn't matter. Whichever you think, the fact is that playing with his brother was more important that playing where his father played. And that's perfectly OK.

It's getting tough to watch these guys keep going other places, but things will get better. TCU still has its eyes set on several other offensive linemen, and desperately needs to pick up at least two linebackers in this class. Guys like Ty Barrett, Demetrius Knox and Braden Smith are still available. It'll be interesting to see where things go from here, but just remember, there are plenty of options left on the table.