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Tony Vitello to Arkansas; Jeroloman Out

Sources have confirmed to Frogs O' War that Tony Vitello has left TCU for a lateral move to Arkansas as hitting coach/recruiting coordinator, and assistant Chuck Jeroloman has left TCU for other NCAA coaching opportunities.


(this is what happens when you go to bed early on a Sunday night)

I won't say I told you so, but...

According to several public sources, Tony Vitello has accepted a lateral move to Arkansas, where we will serve as their primary recruiting coordinator, and will assist with the hitters under head coach Dave Van Horn.

Also, sources have confirmed that volunteer assistant coach Chuck Jeroloman will leave TCU this summer for other NCAA coaching opportunities.

For those doing the math at home, this means head coach Jim Schlossnagle will have to replace two assistants this summer, while coaching Team USA. As we have talked about before, this will be an incredibly important hire for TCU... I think he gets the job done.