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Links O' War: Sunday June 30th, 2013

It's Sunday, so we have a nice bevy of links to look at today (almost none are TCU related).

Here are your morning links!


TCU Football: Chucky Hunter Needs Bigger Role in 2013
As the TCU Horned Frogs attempt to make some headway in the Big 12 in 2013, they will need their defense to step up to meet the challenge of the high-powered offenses in their conference schedule. For that to happen, Gary Patterson may have to get some production from under the radar players on the defense and Chucky Hunter is ready to step up next fall.


Bloomberg Unloads On ‘Stop And Frisk’ Opponents: Whites Stopped ‘Too Much’ And ‘Minorities Too Little’ | Mediaite
Appearing with host John Gambling on New York City’s WOR, Mayor Mike Bloomberg attacked opponents of the city’s so-called ‘stop and frisk’ program. It's society's job to make sure that no one group is disproportionately represented as potential perpetrators, Bloomberg said. “I think we disproportionately stop whites too much and minorities too little.

Still A Free Agent? Signing Greenwald Exclusively Should Be Priority For CNN, Fox or MSNBC | Mediaite
When it comes to on-air talent, cable news execs are always looking to trade up. And oftentimes, they’re studying the guest roster to see who could potentially be upgraded to a full-time contributor or even a host. Who will be the next Rachel Maddow? Megyn Kelly 2.0?

Zimmerman Lawyer Don West Instagram PHOTO Celebration Cones | Mediaite
The defense lawyer who opened the George Zimmerman murder trial with a knock-knock joke has found himself in a sticky situation Friday after apparently taking a selfie photo was his daughters Rachel and Molly West that was later posted to Instagram. Don West appears in a photo on the account of someone with the user name mollywestttt with the caption We beat stupidity celebration cones ... #zimmerman #defense #dadkilledit.

Bryan Fischer On New Yorker Bert Ernie Gay Marriage Cover | Mediaite
When The New Yorker released their upcoming cover this morning, there was a flurry of nostalgic excitement from marriage equality supporters followed by a good dose of backlash from those who felt it trivialized the Supreme Court's rulings and the larger gay rights movement. But no reaction has been quite as critical as the one from American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer.

Joe Biden Reached Out To Ecuador President, Reportedly Requested They Not Grant Snowden Asylum | Mediaite
A day after President Obama downplayed how much his administration is doing to get back NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, Vice President Joe Biden spoke with Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa about the case. Correa said that Biden requested Ecuador not grant Snowden asylum in the country.


Moones Better Energy Drunk In Session Video | Geekosystem
When Moones set about brainstorming for a live session music video to promote their latest EP, Ollie Kristian had a genius idea: Record their single Better Energy over and over again, but have each member of the band drink four beers each between every take. The result is a multi-angle masterpiece of drunkenness that uses over 10,000 YouTube annotations to allow you total control over the band's blood alcohol level at any given moment of the song. Man, if only actually getting drunk were that easy -- think of the money we'd all save!

Periodic TableWare Makes Drinkware From Beakers and Flasks | Geekosystem
Remember in high school chemistry class when your teacher repeatedly stressed in no uncertain terms that you shouldn't drink from the beakers, but how you really, really wanted to? Well now you can! Or at least that's what designer Marshall Jamshidi is hoping to make happen. He has a Kickstarter up for his set of scientifically inspired glassware called Periodic TableWare, and we now pine for it -- or whatever the scientific version of pining for something is.

Max on Netflix Playstation 3 Suggests Titles For You | Geekosystem
Jackbox Games has a decidedly well-earned reputation for creating content with a great sense of humor, which you're well aware of if you've ever played You Don't Know Jack. Now they've teamed up with Netflix to bring you Max, a program on the Playstation 3 that selects new titles for you to watch using a series of different games. Unfortunately, there's no Elephant, Mustard, Teddy Roosevelt or Dracula? feature, which is odd considering some of the categories Netflix already uses are similarly weird.

Google Android Powered Smartwatch and Game Console | Geekosystem
You might think Google makes enough things, but Google apparently doesn't. Rumor has it they're working on an Android powered game console and a smartwatch. This is probably an attempt to beat Apple to the punch on both fronts since they're also rumored to be making those things, but it's more likely to hurt smaller companies like OUYA and Pebble.

Conan O'Brien Versus E3 Video | Geekosystem
Most videos of E3 focus on the usual types of attendees-- games journalists, developers, PR managers, and booth babes. This year, talk show host and clueless gamer Conan O'Brien crashed the party. He tried out some of the big games on display and spoke to a number of familiar faces, including Microsoft's Major Nelson and the voice of Mario himself, Charles Martinet. It's especially funny to see an outsider's perspective on an event that we scrutinize annually.


Dwight Howard sets Rockets, Mavericks, Warriors, Hawks meetings -
The first round of meetings with Dallas and Houston is already on Dwight Howard's schedule.

2013 Elite 11 Quarterback Finals: Texas A&M, Alabama commits among Saturday standout performers -
SB Nation's recruiting analysts profile the top performers from Saturday's Elite 11 Finals practice.

Chris Davis homers twice, first to 30 -
Davis is the 25th player in MLB history to hit 30 home runs in the first 82 games of the season.

Wimbledon 2013 scores and results: Serena Williams cruises to round of 16 -
The remaining top 10 seeds all avoided upset on Saturday to advance to the fourth round at Wimbledon.

AT&T National 2013 scores: 4 tied for 54-hole lead -
Bill Haas' 3-under 68 moved him into a tie for the third-round lead at Congressional. He's joined atop the leaderboard by three other players.

Josh Beckett injury: Dodgers RHP to have surgery, out for season -
The procedure will help relieve pressure on a pinched nerve in Beckett's neck.