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TCU's Game vs. LSU Will Net $3 Million Payout For The Horned Frogs

For its participation in the Cowboys Classic in 2013, TCU will take home $3 million in revenue, which will be shared between athletics and the university.

Chris Graythen

Associate Athletic Director Jack Hesselbrock confirmed TCU's great payday, $3 million, to TCU 360, describing the money as the most TCU has ever been paid for a regular season matchup.

The payout is just less than the awesome money TCU made from its two BCS appearances, the Fiesta Bowl and the Rose Bowl.

No word yet on what LSU will make from the meet up, but one thing is clear: They have already got lucky in one way by missing out on Devonte Fields, ace DE for TCU, who will be suspended for the game.

The 2012-2013 athletic year projects to be the biggest, in terms of revenue, in TCUs history, with well over $70 million in expected gross receipts. The 2013-2014 year will also be a record breaker, thanks to an increasing Big 12 media revenue share and this big Cowboys Classic payout.

According to Frogs O' War calculations, based off of documents shared with us by athletics officials, the 2013-2014 athletic season projects to be the first in the modern area where TCU will break even or carry a surplus as an athletic department. Nationally, only about 30 schools carry yearly surpluses in athletic revenue, led by the Texas Longhorns and Michigan Wolverines.