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Chris Del Conte: No Truth In FSU AD Rumors, Staying At TCU

After news broke yesterday that Chris Del Conte was a top candidate for the full-time AD gig at Florida State, Chris Del Conte confirmed to Frogs O' War this morning that he is in fact not interested in the position.

Brandon Wade

The news yesterday:

Florida State FSU AD search Eric Barron: FSU president Eric Barron says new AD must help Seminoles generate more revenue -
The university doesn't yet have an official list of candidates, but possible targets could include TCU athletics Chris Del Conte, FSU alum and current Boise State athletics director Mark Coyle, Kansas State athletics director John Currie, former interim FSU athletics director and current Georgia Tech associate athletics director Wayne Hogan and former FSU associate athletics director and current IMG Academy vice president Greg Phillips.

This morning, Chris Del Conte denied any interest in the FSU job, confirming he was staying at TCU:

"(There is) no truth to the rumors... We have plenty of work for us to accomplish together here at TCU."

So, you know, you can exhale now.