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MLB Draft Recap: TCU Players And Commitments Taken In Rounds 1, 2 & 3

Top commits Billy McKinney and Tyler Alexander both were drafted, along with TCU RHP Andrew Mitchell, but all in all TCU came away unscathed from the draft.

Tom Pennington

Day 1 (Rounds 1-2)

Pick #24: Billy McKinney (Oakland A's), OF ($1.9 million slot)

Day 2 (Rounds 3-10)

Pick #123: Andrew Mitchell (Chicago White Sox), RHP ($413,000)

Day 3 (Rounds 11-40)

Pick #362: Trevor Seidenberger (Milwaukee Brewers), LHP ($100k or >)

Pick #531: Paul Hendrix (Cleveland Indians), IF ($100k or >)

Pick #696: Tyler Alexander (Detroit Tigers) LHP ($100 or >)

Pick #699: Stefan Crichton (Baltimore Orioles), RHP ($100 or >)

Pick #713: Jantzen Witte (Boston Red Sox), IF ($100 or >)

Pick #995: Nick Frey (St. Louis Cardinals), RHP $100 or >)

- Andrew Mitchell and Billy McKinney will definitely sign, those are simple decisions. Seidy, Hendrix and Crichton are not. All three are outside the top 10 rounds, which means their bonuses are slightly restricted. If they are given $100,000 or less, than money doesn't count against the teams draft money pool, which normally only counts against the bonuses from the first 10 rounds. If a team gives a bonus higher than $100,000, every dollar above that total will count against their bonus pool. If they go over their pool limit, they face financial penalties and even a loss of future picks.

- I would guess that Seidenberger and Hendrix will go, but who knows... Alexander is safe, but is draft eligible again after his sophomore season, so keep that in mind. Crichton might be wise to go considering the talent coming back to TCU next year, same for Nick Frey, but the lure of a college degree is strong.

- Assuming everybody signs, TCU's professional player list will have grown from 19 to 25, covering over 16 professional organizations, both are records for TCU.