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Links O' War: Thursday July 11th, 2013

More news = The season approaches....

Here are your morning links!


Notes On A Scorecard - TCU Horned Frogs Official Athletic Site
TCU director of intercollegiate athletics Chris Del Conte discusses the hot topics around the Horned Frogs.

TCU needs to retire Andy Dalton’s No. 14 | Dallas-Fort Worth Sports News - Sports News...
On Saturday night in Fort Worth, they gathered not because it was a de facto reunion of any kind but rather because their good friend was getting married.

TCU hires Tennessee assistant as associate head baseball coach | Dallas-Fort Worth Sports New...
Bill Mosiello, recruiting coordinator and hitting instructor at Tennessee the past two seasons, has been named associate head coach and hitting coach at TCU, head baseball coach Jim Schlossnagle announced in a news release.

TCU football players named to special teams award watch lists | TCU 360
TCU placekicker Jaden Oberkrom and punter Ethan Perry are players listed on national watch lists for college football special teams awards.

University study: Would TCU rather play for “major bowls” or be an average Big 12 team? | College Sports Blog
TCU’s move to the Big 12 in 2011 was a no-brainer, right?

Still Time to Register for Women's Clinic - TCU Horned Frogs Official Athletic Site
Event hosted by Patterson takes place July 18.

Oberkrom on Lou Groza Award Watch List - TCU Horned Frogs Official Athletic Site
TCU sophomore was a 2012 semifinalist.

Perry Appears on Ray Guy Award Watch List - TCU Horned Frogs Official Athletic Site
Sophomore's 44.5-yard average last season ranked second in TCU history.


Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gives Emotional Farewell To The View | Mediaite
This morning on The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck said her farewells to her colleagues and the talk show she's co-hosted for ten years, following last night's announcement that she will host Fox & Friends beginning in September.

Predictions Of Riots If Zimmerman Acquitted Display Appalling Lack Of Faith In Black Community | Mediaite
The media would be advised to display a bit more faith in the American public to react rationally if a not guilty verdict is the ultimate outcome of this trial. I may be wrong, and my pride will certainly be the last thing that I mourn should violence in the wake of a possible acquittal materialize, but I do not believe that I will be wrong. The American people are stronger – and better -- than that.

What Did Rachel Maddow Say To Earn A ‘Pants On Fire’ From PolitiFact? | Mediaite
It's no secret MSNBC's Rachel Maddow is no fan of the fact-checking site PolitiFact. She has done a number of increasingly angrier segments on her show about the site's metrics for deciding whether something is the truth or maybe just the half-truth or maybe not quite the truth. And today, PolitiFact has now deemed a statement Maddow made two weeks ago to be pants on fire. What prompted the site to give Maddow its harshest ranking? A claim she made about stringent abortion restrictions in the Ohio budget.

What The George Zimmerman Jury Will Likely Hear About The Law Of Self Defense | Mediaite
For more than a year, supporters of both sides have engaged in endless debate about the wisdom of Florida’s Stand Your Ground law and whether George Zimmerman was lawfully defending himself against Trayvon Martin. And since the trial is nearly over, I have taken the opportunity to provide a model of the Self Defense Instructions that will actually be read to George Zimmerman’s jury. The model instruction is taken directly from Florida’s Standard Jury Instruction 3.6(f) “Justifiable Use of Deadly Force”.

George Zimmerman’s MMA Gym Offers Customers The ‘Zimmerman’ Training Program | Mediaite
The bulk of the testimony in George Zimmerman's murder trial the past few days has centered on the accused murderer of Trayvon Martin's allegedly complete ineptitude at defending himself from the onslaught of a 158 pound teenager. On Monday, Zimmerman's Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) trainer Adam Pollock testified that Zimmerman was soft when he began to train at his gym, and in over a year of training, progressed to a 1 on a scale of one to ten. On Wednesday, a defense expert in physical self defense further underscored that point, testifying that Zimmerman didn't seem to have any abilities in that area.

Ex-Sanford Police Chief Tells CNN He Was Fired For Not Arresting Zimmerman | Mediaite
Former Sanford, Florida police chief Bill Lee claimed on CNN today that he was fired last year because he didn't want to arrest George Zimmerman. He says there was a lot of pressure because city officials just wanted him arrested for killing Trayvon Martin as means of placating the public. Lee says he refused, and as a result...

Fox Legal Analyst: Judge Yelling At Zimmerman’s Lawyers ‘Inappropriate,’ ‘Emblematic’ Of ‘Unfair Case’ | Mediaite
Fox News Channel legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. scolded the judge presiding in the case against George Zimmerman for the 2012 murder of Trayvon Martin. He said that the judge was “inappropriate” when she raised her voice at Zimmerman’s lawyers and prodded the defendant repeatedly over his choice not to testify in the case against him.

George Zimmerman Asks Defense Lawyers ‘Where’s The Marijuana?’ | Mediaite
As the defense wrapped up its case in the George Zimmerman murder trial Wednesday afternoon, an odd bit of courtroom audio flew under the radar. The jury was excused for a recess while defendant George Zimmerman finalized his decision whether or not to testify (he elected not to), and prior to the recess, Judge Debra Nelson asked Zimmerman if there were any other witnesses he wanted his lawyers to call. Zimmerman seemed somewhat hesitant.

Morning Joe Grills Republican Senator: Is The GOP ‘Dancing On The Grave’ Of Obamacare? | Mediaite
John Thune, a GOP Senator from South Dakota and one-timed rumored candidate for Mitt Romney's running mate, appeared on Monring Joe Thursday morning to answer charges that the GOP was obstructing the implementation of Obamacare and even dancing on the grave of the health care bill's failure.

Al Jazeera Egypt Staffers Quit, Citing ‘Biased Coverage’ Of Coup: ‘Airing Lies And Misleading Viewers’ | Mediaite
Last week, there were reports that Al Jazeera's Egyptian offices were raided and staffers were arrested by military forces. And now, according to Gulf News, staffers at the network are resigning in protest, complaining about its biased coverage of the events unfolding in Egypt after the ouster of Mohammed Morsi.


This is Nokia's Lumia 1020, a 41-megapixel Windows Phone camera (updated) | The Verge
Nokia is holding a press event in New York on Thursday to "reinvent zoom," but here's the star of the show: the Lumia 1020. The Verge understands that Nokia will unveil its Lumia 1020 Windows Phone...

Autonomous X-47B drone successfully lands on Navy aircraft carrier for the first time | The Verge
Score one more for our robot overlords: the US Navy's next-generation autonomous drone, the X-47B, successfully landed on the deck of the USS George H.W. Bush today during a milestone test run off...

My keyboard tried to kill me: the overly complicated story of an ergonomics war | The Verge
All of a sudden I couldn’t bring myself to type anymore. It had been creeping up on me for years. I was taking a break in the middle of an editing...

With Apple's iWatch on the horizon, do Pebble and MetaWatch still matter? | The Verge
We’re on the cusp of an explosion of wearables, and the smartwatch will be one of the first styles to go big. By all appearances, the iWatch is happening. And even if it doesn’t happen, the...

Jay-Z calls Samsung's troubled 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' app experience 'not cool' | The Verge
Following the launch of his highly anticipated album Magna Carta Holy Grail, Jay Z has spoken about his partnership with Samsung and the issues some users had when trying to download the new...

Apple could be in court a long time on ebook case | The Verge
For weeks, Apple's supporters have predicted that if the company was found to have conspired to fix ebook prices, it would hurt consumers as well as online retailers. Today US district judge Denise...

Battle of the waterproof phones: Samsung Galaxy S4 Active vs. Sony Xperia Z | The Verge
A waterproof smartphone is a nice idea, but they’ve always been kind of terrible. Casio has been making its line of Gz’One rugged smartphones for years, but they’ve always been a...

Get ready to rent your own research satellite | The Verge
Space exploration and research have mostly been the domain of nation-states and a few very well-funded companies. But the emergence of the cube satellite — a small, standardized vessel that can...

Microsoft announces massive company-wide reorganization | The Verge
After weeks of "major restructuring" rumors, Microsoft is confirming a company-wide reorganization on Thursday. In a large staff memo, Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer details how the company is...

Def Con founder asks feds to skip hacker conference, citing high tensions after NSA leaks | The Verge
Def Con, the world's largest hacking conference, has a long history of being a kind of "neutral zone" where computer miscreants casually mingle with federal agents — oftentimes unwittingly. But...

Apple's price fixing, T-Mobile's Jump, and Google Maps: 90 Seconds on The Verge | The Verge
Pressure mounted. Sweat beaded on his brow. He knew he had to make a decision, one that could impact not just himself but the future of those around him. His entire life; lessons learned since...

James Bond's iconic submarine car goes up for auction later this year | The Verge
One of James Bond's most unique and iconic cars is going up for auction later this year, marking a new chapter in what's been a long and winding story. The 007 Lotus Esprit 1 Series "Submarine"...