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Big 12 Announces Media Preseason Football Poll

TCU comes in third: Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, TCU, Texas, Baylor and Kansas State all received first place votes.


The full rankings, released by the Big 12 this morning, are below:

2013 Big 12 Football Media Preseason Poll

1. Oklahoma State (15) 365
2. Okahoma (8) 355
3. TCU (9) 347
4. Texas (8) 337
5. Baylor (2) 282
6. K-State (1) 240
7. Texas Tech 161
8. West Virginia 126
9. Iowa State 96
10. Kansas

Hard to disagree with the top three, and a total crap shoot after that. I think you can rank those three at any position and still be ok, but I question the logic with this: Out of those top three, which team has the fewest and least severe questions still to be answered? I think that answer is TCU.