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Links O' War: Tuesday July 30th, 2013

More links, including yet another baseball commit for 2014.


Here are your morning links!


Power conferences will play by own rules within new division - NCAA Football - Sporting News
They’ve gone and done it, all right. It took a few years and included a few obstacles, but they’ve taken their ball and decided to play somewhere else.

Baseball: Connor Wanhanen verbally commits to TCU - Allen Publishing
Connor Wanhanen will face some tough decisions as he readies for his senior year. But at least one major choice is behind him as the Flower Mound two-sport standout made his oral commitment to play baseball at TCU next fall. Wanhanen’s decision came earlier this afternoon.

Eagles' linebacker Jason Phillips done for the year with ACL tear
So much for added safety at NFL training camps. New Eagles' linebacker Jason Phillips was carted off the practice field today after suffering an injury to his right knee during a special teams drill. The fifth-year veteran signed with Philadelphia at the start of free agency and was expected to served as a special teams ace and backup inside linebacker for the Eagles.


Gary Player warns Rory McIlroy to put golf before love -
Gary Player says Rory McIlroy has ‘talent galore’ to become ‘the man’ -- if he finds ‘the right wife.’

NBA free agency rumors roundup: Mo Williams to meet with Grizzlies, Oden may be closing in on decision -
The free agent and former All-Star is looking for his third team in as many seasons, and he might be headed to Memphis. Meanwhile the Hawks signed Gustavo Ayon and Greg Oden is still searching for a home.

And a backup shall lead them: NFC edition -
Each NFC team's second quarterback, evaluated for potential championshipness.

Alex Rodriguez could face suspension for violating CBA instead of drug agreement -
MLB is doing everything it can to ensure Alex Rodriguez stays off the field following the Biogenesis investigation.

The unsinkable Isiah Thomas -
Let's not forget two things. Let's remember that it's probably wise not to put too much weight on a report, from Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports, that Isiah Thomas is among the candidates being...

Cliff Lee trade rumors: Phillies discussing possible trade involving ace -
The Phillies are listening on Cliff Lee after losing eight straight games and their stance as buyers. Their asking price is steep, though, both in terms of prospects and money.

CC Sabathia, Justin Verlander, and the ever-vanishing fastball -
Are Sabathia and Verlander breaking, or has access to information just clouded our judgment?

2013 Nebraska football's 10 things to know: Is good (again) good enough? -
With a wonderful backfield and disturbingly easy schedule, Nebraska could top 10 wins this fall. But a sketchy defense could lead to an unhappy ending, just like it did last year.

Alabama freshman posts Instagram photo of wads of cash -
Dee Liner posted a photo of himself holding a bunch of cash, which is generally not a great idea.

NFL Debrief: The AFC is flawed at the top -
A weekend marred by serious injuries made the AFC picture even murkier. Plus, the read-option as fad and a new wrinkle in an old drama in this week's Debrief.

Carmelo Anthony's new planet -
Carmelo Anthony shot more often and scored more efficiently than ever before last season. Can the Knicks' superstar duplicate his effort in 2013-14?


Sprint posts $1.6 billion loss as Nextel shutdown weighs on bottom line | The Verge
Sprint is posting its Q2 financial results, and despite an 8 percent gain in wireless revenue over last year’s figure, it’s still posting a net loss of $1.6 billion — a 150 percent increase...

Google Chromecast review | The Verge
It’s surprisingly difficult to put a web browser on TV. It’s difficult for regular people — the best option is often just plugging in a laptop — and it’s been ridiculously difficult for...

Danger, Carlos: internet-fueled sex addiction is growing | The Verge
Carlos Danger is everywhere. That's "Carlos Danger," the silly fake identity of Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former congressman who was caught up in another sexting scandal last week. Weiner, who...

The ultimate driving EV? BMW launches all-electric i3 | The Verge
BMW's i3 hatchback is the automaker's first genuine, built-from-the-ground-up electric vehicle. As you'd guess, the car introduces a number of other firsts for the German company. Chief among them...

Did Android 4.3 save my Nexus 7? | The Verge Forums
I've owned a Nexus 7 since launch last year (it's a 2012 model obviously, not the fancy pants new jobber), and my ownership with it has been a bit of a bumpy ride. If you've followed my complaints...

'Breaking Bad' teaser lays dark poetry against beautiful New Mexico landscapes | The Verge
The final episodes of Breaking Bad are still weeks away, but the first teaser for the AMC series has just shown up online. The clip features Bryan Cranston, who plays chemistry teacher-turned-drug...

Point and shoot perfection: an evening with Sony's RX100M2 | The Verge
I loved my Sony RX100. It was hands-down the most versatile camera I'd ever owned, because it afforded me 75 percent of the safety net of a good SLR — the knowledge that you're going to be able...

China holds movie profits hostage as Hollywood studios refuse to pay new tax | The Verge
Despite big box office welcomes for movies like Skyfall, Man of Steel, and Star Trek Into Darkness in China, a dispute over tax has meant Hollywood studios are yet to see a dollar in revenue from...

Students spoof GPS signals to send yacht off course | The Verge
University of Texas at Austin students used a custom-built GPS signal spoofer to send a yacht off course. The $80 million vessel relies entirely on GPS for navigation, and with the owner's...

US doubles supercomputing power in battle against hurricanes | The Verge
While it might not be able to fight the awesome power of Mother Nature, US weather agency NOAA is doing what it can to stay one step ahead of her. As America braces for a rise in extreme weather...

Top Shelf 018: The Droid Days of Summer | The Verge
Google used to just be a search engine. Now it makes software, hardware, apps, and everything in between. Google wants to be on your TV, in your bag, in your pocket, and in front of your face. Last...

Netflix for Apple TV keeps everyone's queues separate with new personal accounts | The Verge
Netflix’s new user profiles have begun rolling out to the Apple TV. Spotted by 9to5Mac, the profiles let you use personal accounts in order to keep your viewing info and recommendations cordoned...