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A User's Guide To Frogs O' War: How To Survive The 2013-2014 Athletic Season

So, you thought you were a FOW pro didn't you? You knew the links, you knew Jamie's sass, you new Hawk's preference for children's TV shows... Guess what? YOU DIDN'T KNOW SHIT! Lucky for you, we have prepared a handy guide to help you get through the 2013-14 athletic year... enjoy.

Welcome to college sports, bitches.
Welcome to college sports, bitches.
Frogs O' War

(Yes, this is shamelessly imitated and partly stolen from fellow SBNation blog Lone Star Ball... kill me)

Hello, welcome ye fan of college sports, but most likely college football, and almost assuredly TCU... I take it that, by your arriving at this internet website, you would like to read about said sport, and yes, maybe, talk with some fans about it.

Well, good... That is kinda why we exist.

But, in reality, Frogs O' War is much more than just a collection of words, pictures of show girls and gifs of masturbating bears (more on that later), it is a community... A community formed many years ago to accomplish one mission... Wait, I lost my place here... Oh ya, to form a community.

You get the point, its like a family around these parts, and if you are going to join our family you should know some things... Like who I am, who he is, why you can't post that, how many times you can say shit and not get banned, and when it is and is not ok to celebrate a TCU victory with a gif thread... Preview: It is always ok.

So, please take a few minutes to review this guide for some history, information, helpful hints to help you survive your assimilation into our ranks, and feel free to introduce yourself in the comments after you are done. But, for now, sit back and enjoy the #FOW User Guide 2013-2014.

Wait... Who The Hell Are You?

Fungo Frog - Editor n' Chief (AKA Fearless Leader, AKA O' Captain My Captain, AKA Patrick McCullough)
Fungo came to FOW from Killer Frogs, where he ran the "Around the Diamond" blog for about a year. That caused problems at KF.c, and yes... Fungo has been IP banned from that lovely establishment. Too bad. Either way, Fungo is the resident baseball expert and former TCU Athletics employee... You know him from the morning links, Monday Morning Manager, Monday Morning Quarterback, and more... You can find him watching baseball, or watching the offseason, or watching recruit videos, or texting sources, or... Lots of things.

Jamie Plunkett - Associate Editor (AKA Jamie, AKA DSports Rant, AKA Plunky, AKA J-Bones)
Jamie is the resident sane person, helping to keep FOW on the straight and narrow. Jamie used to be wild and crazy, but then he met a girl, and now he is all "God-like" and whatever. Really, Fungo is just jealous of him... You know him mostly because of his Mid-Week Musings column, being our resident basketball expert, and being a never ending DFW sports homer.

Hawkeyed Frog - Associate Editor (AKA Hawk, AKA Nick, AKA MLP Guy)
Hawk is a veteran here at FOW, part historian, part D&D master, part Australian, part awesome TCU fan.... You know him from game day threads, the Big 12 Scoreboard, opponent Q/As, and comparing things to MLP... And yes, all of these things are related.

Purple Wimple - Author(AKA Wimple, AKA Ezra Hood, AKA EZ)
Former head honcho at FOW, founding blogger, resident author and knower of all things TCU Football circa 1904... Being a lawyer became too much fun so EZ isn't around to much, but me thinks you will be seeing more of him this coming fall.

What is a war frog, why are you here, and what is a SB Nation?

All good questions sports fan... SB Nation is a massive blog group and sports news site, kinda like ESPN but better because the guys here actually know something about something, which is cool. Along the way, SB Nation said HEY, WHO DONT WE HAVE A TCU SITE... and we were all like... IDK, WHY DONT WE? So then, some folks went and asked EZ if he would bring his 2-bit blog spot thingy over to SBN and he was all like HELL YA LETS DO THIS SHIT and then ya Frogs O' War happened... We have grown since then... But, you know, we are still cool.

What the fuck is "Frogs O' War" and why is that your name?

It's Shakespeare... Look it up.

I'm new here, what do I do?

First off... Welcome. Second, I am sure you have a lot of questions, so let's start answering them...

1) How do I comment?

Well, you need an account, so go ahead and create one... You only get one shot at a username, so make it good. Don't worry about picking a good picture, you can change that whenever. Then, after you are signed in, scroll to the bottom of any article, and comment!

2) What is this reply button thing?

THE REPLY BUTTON IS YOUR FRIEND! Starting a conversation? No need to reply. Starting a new line of thought? No need to reply. Getting ready to argue with Fungo over the merits of somebodies coaching experience vs. his salary? USE THE REPLY BUTTON, LIKE A MAN WOULD!

3) What is a REC and why would I want to give one?

REC is like giving a high five, but on the internet... Somebody said something funny, did good research, or just posted something you like, REC IT! You have unlimited RECS, unlike GIFS which Fungo definitely does (not) control. Plus, when a bunch of people REC something, it turns green, and that is kinda cool.

4) What is a FanPost? Fanshot?

Hey, you know how on a forum you can post blogs of your own thoughts for anybody else to see? YOU CAN DO THAT HERE TOO! AND PEOPLE CAN COMMENT! Literally, it is the same thing, except your blogs show up on the right side of the screen... Keep in mind, if you do good work, your post could get bumped to the front page... You could be famous. FanShots are for gifs, links, and other things that you want to post but don't want to talk about at all... Don't worry about FanShots. Go make a FanPost right now about Casey Pachall being a shitty quarterback, it will totally be worth it... But, keep in mind, I will ridicule you, guaranteed.

Does this place have any rules?

Rules? What, is that a joke?

- No GIFS of bears masturbating... Or anybody masturbating.

- No nude pictures... Partially nude like Kate Upton gif style? Fungo might allow it, just have to wait and see.

- No personal attacks of other posters... Try and not spew BS about current athletes too.

I heard there are videos, where are they?

Oh yes, Frogs O' War does maintain a proprietary database of TCU Football game film on the site... Something you can't find anywhere else. Just go to the menu bar, highlight "Sections" and then select videos... Go check out those other sections, they are cool too.

Do you allow gifs?


How many people visit this site?

Good question... Depends on the day, but on average, somewhere between 200,000 - 400,000 people per year enjoy Frogs O' War... Daily, a few thousand of you logon, read links, enjoy shit, and leave no tip... Cheap bastards.... Oh ya, FOW has seen double digit growth every month since... Ever. 100% growth Y2Y isn't uncommon, Frog fans discover us every day.

Who are your "Users" anyways... Aren't these people made up?

Definitely not made up.

FrogLiquor: We're pretty sure he is either drunk 24/7, high 24/7, in an institution, or is a full time politician... Either way, the guy has a lot to say, all of it is both relevant and irrelevant and you better fucking read it and love it.

TCU'90: Dedicated from the start, TCU'90 is both a voice of reason, and a steadfast fan... He is also a fan of the Red Sox, which makes no fucking sense.

GoFrogs-07: He may not have joined until December of last year, but he is climbing up the comment charts already.

FroggieStyle: May or may not personally know Fungo... TBD.

OrangeFrog: Long time SBNation user, longtime FOW supporter.

HornedFrog1992: With us since ALMOST the beginning, HF1992 has amassed an IMPRESSIVE 492 comments in his history... He likes quality gifs, and quality women, in that order.

I know I forgot a bunch of you... Sorry, it is late... Remind me, I will throw you on here.