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Links O' War: Monday July 8th, 2013

Hey! We have news... But, it is about party glasses, not sports.

My favorite Vegas hotel for gambling: Bellagio, not a close call either. The table dealers at the Monte Carlo were the worst. Had steak at Del Monaco Steak House, which was DELISH.

Here are your morning links!


Japan Evens Series Against Greiner, Team USA | ABC Columbia | Local Sports
A three-run triple from Hiromi Oka broke a scoreless tie in the eighth and Japan rode the outburst to a 4-0 win, evening the series with the USA Baseball Collegiate National Team at a game apiece. Defense was on display as the team's combined to turn six double plays.

TCU students have bright future with high-tech party glasses | Schools | News from Fort ...
Three TCU entrepreneurs hoped to raise $15,000 to start manufacturing their high-tech party glasses through Kickstarter, a crowd-funding website for donors to chip in to help launch upstarts.


Dwight Howard signing with Rockets was a move years in the making -
How did Daryl Morey pull off the free-agent coup of 2013 and get Dwight Howard? With four years of planning that allowed him to rebuild his roster while not tanking.

An alternate theory of Rajon Rondo's future with the Celtics -
Instead of being at odds with new Boston coach Brad Stevens, can't Rajon Rondo be a co-pilot?

NBA free agency news roundup: Mavs loading up on point guards as Devin Harris returns to Dallas -
Devin Harris becomes fourth point guard the Mavericks have added this since the NBA Draft while the Portland Trail Blazers continue to overhaul their bench.

QB Everett Golson says he expects to return to Notre Dame football in 2014 -
Everett Golson said Saturday that he is planning to re-enroll at Notre Dame once his academic suspension is over.

The Cavaliers based their 1970 draft on basketball cards -
It's possible that not a lot has changed since Cleveland's basketball team first joined the league. Well, I guess gum no longer comes with basketball cards.

Wimbledon results 2013: Andy Murray captures Britain's 1st men's home title in 77 years -
Andy Murray defeated Novak Djokovic in straight sets to claim Great Britain's first Wimbledon title in nearly eight decades.

MLB All-Star Game 2013: All-time most pitiful pity all-stars -
Sometimes, trying to honor the game just results in embarrassing everyone involved.

Six players in 2013 NFL supplemental draft -
The NFL's supplemental draft takes place at 1 p.m. on Thursday.

NBA free agency: Kings interested in Monta Ellis, according to report -
The Kings are working to clear some cap space in order to make an offer to free-agent guard Monta Ellis.

Morning Report: Georges St-Pierre says Anderson Silva ‘got caught,’ is still the ‘best in the world’ but would lose a rematch - MMA Fighting
Georges St-Pierre stated unequivocally that Chris Weidman would dethrone Anderson Silva at UFC 162. But while the welterweight champ's prediction may have come true, even he couldn't believe how it transpired.

NBA free agency: Chris Kaman, Lakers have mutual interest, according to report -
The Lakers need some frontcourt help with Dwight Howard agreeing to join the Rockets, and they have mutual interest with Chris Kaman.

About last weekend ... - Baseball Nation
There were a lot of baseball games played over the quasi-holiday weekend. Let's check in with a couple of noteworthy happenings and tidbits.


Potentially Habitable Exoplanets Double in New Cloud Study | Geekosystem
There may be something like 60 billion potentially habitable planets in the Milky Way galaxy alone. Just let that sink in for a minute: 60 billion. If it seems like an unusually high number, it's because it's been doubled from what we thought was possible before. The new higher estimate comes from astronomers at the University of Chicago and Northwestern University who realized that earlier calculations done to determine which alien planets might support life may have underestimated a major climactic influence: clouds.

Earth Now Farthest Distance From The Sun It Will Be All Year | Geekosystem
You guys without air conditioning want to hear something funny? At 11am EDT today, the Earth reached the point in its orbit where it was farthest from the sun in space. Yeah, you read that right -- farther from the Sun. As in, not near it. So you can stop making jokes about how it feels like the Sun is sitting in your living room, because it isn't. It is doing the opposite of that, and it's still too damn hot. There's nothing funny about that.

Radio Telescopes Pick Up Stars Collapsing Into Black Holes | Geekosystem
Radio telescopes have been picking up some unusual flashes in the sky that appear for just moments without repeating, and scientists haven't been able to figure out why. This is pretty worrisome, because unusual changes in radio signals from space is basically how every alien invasion movie ever made begins. Don't start welcoming our future overlords yet, though -- according to an article in this week's issue of Science, these flashes might be the final farewell greetings of a supramassive neutron star collapsing into a black hole. Weirdly, it's kind of nice to know that even dying stars do not go gently into that good night. Well, that and it's a huge relief that it's not invading aliens. I mean, that we know of yet.

How Do Starfish See Without Brains? Video SciShow | Geekosystem
Wow, does your brian need a jump start today, too? It's the Monday morning after a long weekend, so you can probably be forgiven if you're having a little trouble getting immediately into functioning human being mode today. To smooth that transition, we offer the latest episode of SciShow, which takes a look at blue octopus blood, human cholera resistance, and how starfish see when they have eyes, but no brain. For our money, a little bit of weird science is the perfect thing to help transition your brain back to a place where it has to know more than just when to flip a burger, so check this out before you do anything important this morning. After all, forcing your brain into high gear before it's warmed up is just asking for trouble.

Turn Anything In Your House Into A Flying Drone With This Drone-It-Yourself Kit [Video] | Geekosystem
Real talk? The skies of the future are going to be full of drones. Government drones, drones owned by companies, personal drones, drones for surveillance, drones for environmental protection, drones delivering pizzas. For our part, we believe that if the skies are going to be crowded with nightmarish flying robots watching our every step, some of them may as well be creatively designed. That's where this handy kit designed by Jasper van Loenen comes in. Using a few simple 3D-printed parts, you can turn droneify pretty much anything you own.

GenGen is a Random Text Generator Generator by Darius Kazemi | Geekosystem
Sometimes you need to fill some space with words, but you just can't think of any. That's why text generators are great. What if you can't find one that suits your specific needs? Fear not, readers. Maker of weird Internet things Darius Kazemi has your back. Kazemi's created a text generator generator, and it does a frighteningly adequate job of pitching Geekosystem headlines.

Honda ASIMO Robot Stumbles With Press Questions at Event | Geekosystem
If anyone was worried that Honda's humanoid ASIMO robot would lead the machines in their inevitable uprising against humankind, it's probably going to be a while. In a demonstration in Tokyo this week ASIMO kept mistaking reporters phones for their hands. It just kept asking Who wants to ask ASIMO a question? No one does, ASIMO. They were just trying to take your picture with their phones.

Wikipedia Can't Decide If Egypt Staged A Coup Or Revolution | Geekosystem
What's in a name? Kind of a lot, sometimes. Case in point: as supporters of the Egyptian military and those loyal to ousted former president Mohamed Morsi continue to clash in the streets, a smaller, safer clash has broken out in the pages of Wikipedia, where editors are debating whether to call this latest uprising -- which saw Morsi driven from office as the military seized control of the nation -- a coup or a revolution. That definition isn't just important semantically -- outside the hallowed halls of Wikipedia, which term is used could have real implications for U.S. foreign policy toward Egypt.

Emei Mustache Toads Grow Spikes to Fight and Mate | Geekosystem
Generally speaking, toads and other amphibians are pretty peaceful. Except for Battletoads. They're brutal. When they do fight, it's pretty much just for show. That's what makes Emei mustache toads unique. They actually fight. That, and the fact that they have mustaches which are what they fight with. My mustache feels so useless right now.

8-Bit Anchorman Video Game Video by Cinefix | Geekosystem
People love the regular, non-8-bit version of Anchorman, so I'm willing to bet they'll love Cinefix's 8-bit Anchorman as well. The video shows us what an old-school Anchorman video game would have looked like, while simultaneously teasing us with the tragic fact that such a thing does not exist in this world. Yet. Someone please make an 8-bit Anchorman game.

Estimated Cost of Princess Peach's Castle in Super Mario 64 | Geekosystem
You know, Princess Peach really should be a more active character in the Mario series. After all, according to your favorite fictional castle cost calculators over at Movoto, the lady is ridiculous kinds of loaded. Exactly how loaded is that, you ask? Natalie Griegson estimated just how expensive the castle from Super Mario 64 would actually be in real currency, and yeah, it's a lot. What else would you expect from somebody who seemingly runs an entire kingdom?

Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns Issue #2 Cover Art Auction | Geekosystem
Gritty Batman started in one place -- Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Miller's original artwork for the cover of issue #2 in the series is going up for sale at Heritage Auctions, and it can be yours, but only if you're Bruce-Wayne-level loaded. The piece is expected to bring in over half a million dollars, and I'm willing to bet the Joker tries to steal it.


Bush Remarks On Gay Marriage, Defends Obama’s NSA Tactics: ‘Got Into Oval Office, Realized The Dangers’ | Mediaite
George W Bush, currently on a bit of a reunion tour that began with the opening of his library and recently took him through Africa, spoke to a red-socked Jonathan Karl about gay marriage, immigration reform, and the revival of his counterterrorism policies under the Obama administration.

CNN Airs Never Before Seen Michael Hastings Interview: ‘I Wish I’d Had A Few Thousand More Words’ | Mediaite
CNN's Reliable Sources guest host John Avlon aired excerpts of a never-before-seen interview he and his wife did of now-deceased journalist Michael Hastings and his wife Elise Jordan last summer, in which Hastings spoke candidly about his career-making piece on General Stanley McChrystal, and the loss of his girlfriend in the Iraq War.

WATCH Asiana Airlines Jet Crashing In San Francisco VIDEO | Mediaite
Dramatic footage emerged Sunday afternoon of an Asiana Boeing 777 crash landing at San Francisco International Airport, showing the massive jet losing its tail and cartwheeling down the runway on Saturday.

@BarackObama Follows A Porn Site, Maybe Should #Bemorecareful | Mediaite
Barack Obama's Twitter account—which, to be clear, is not managed by the POTUS himself—is following Wicked Pictures, a producer of award winning adult entertainment.

ABC’s Dan Abrams Explains Why Zimmerman Is Likely To Be Acquitted | Mediaite
Elaborating on his prediction on Good Morning America yesterday that George Zimmerman would be acquitted, ABC Chief Legal Affairs Correspondent Dan Abrams wrote Sunday that, Based on the legal standard and evidence presented by prosecutors it is difficult to see how jurors find proof beyond a reasonable doubt that it wasn't self defense.

More Americans Prefer Fox News Over Other TV News Outlets, Gallup Poll Finds | Mediaite
A newly-released Gallup poll finds that television is America's main source for news consumption, and that among the specific channels, Fox News leads the pack for most-preferred outlet. According to the study conducted late last month, 55% of surveyed Americans prefer television as their main source of news, with the Internet second at 21%, print next at 9%, and radio at 6%.

Bret Baier: ‘Taxpayer Dollars Going Out The Window’ With Latest ‘Obamacare’ Delay | Mediaite
On Friday, the White House announced that it would delay the process of verifying individual income levels for those seeking taxpayer subsidies for health insurance as mandated in the Affordable Care Act. On the heels of the White House’s decision to push back the mandate for employers to cover health insurance, Fox News Channel’s Bret Baier told the hosts of Fox & Friends on Monday that...

David Brooks Eviscerates GOP Rep. On Immigration: Never Seen Such An ‘Intellectually Weak Case’ | Mediaite
David Brooks sparred with Idaho Congressman Paul Labrador on Meet the Press Sunday morning, hotly contesting Labrador's criticisms of the gang of eight's immigration reform bill as intellectually weak to an unprecedented degree.