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MLB Draft Update: All Six TCU Players Drafted Have Signed; One Drafted Recruit Remains Unsigned

In the last week, both Nick Frey and Stefan Crichton have signed professional contracts, meaning the entire TCU draft class has signed. The only remaining TCU draft interest is Tyler Alexander, incoming LHP from Southlake who was a 23rd round selection of the Tigers.

Southlake Carroll Athletics

As it turns out, the most unlikely to be drafted Frogs ended up signing last, with both Nick Frey and Stefan Crichton coming to terms with their respective teams in the last week.

Here is the full list of Frogs who have signed, their teams, and their reported signing bonus:

Billy McKinney (1st Round, Oakland Athletics): $1,800,000

Andrew Mitchell (4th Round, Chicago White Sox): $413,000

Trevor Seidenberger (12th Round, Milwaukee Brewers): $125,000

Paul Hendrix (18th Round, Cleveland Indians): $100,000

Stefan Crichton (23rd Round, Baltimore Orioles): $50,000

Jantzen Witte (24th Round, Boston Red Sox): $1,000

Nick Frey (33rd Round, St. Louis Cardinals): Estimated $100,000 or less

Outside of this group, there is only one more remaining Frog interest in the draft... LHP Tyler Alexander from Southlake Carroll HS. Alexander was drafted in the 23rd Round by the Detroit Tigers.

Before the draft, it was rumored Alexander had a hard draft bonus demand of $1 million or more. The Tigers took him late, hoping they might be able to save some draft pool money to give to Alexander so that their draft bonus pool wouldn't be exceeded, thus negating the penalty for going over.

But, I am starting to hear that the Tigers may in fact go after Alexander, the feeling being his demands may be softer than previously expected. A Tigers source mentioned to me last week that the team had about $700k in money to give to Alexander should they wish to not incur a penalty, but could give up to $1 million if they wanted to. The team would then be subject to a cash penalty for going over their bonus pool, but wouldn't have to forfeit a pick. For what it is worth, this is still incredibly unlikely to happen... As of today (Monday the 8th), a source intimated while possible, there was less than a 5% chance of things getting done before the deadline.

This would obviously be bad news for TCU, as Alexander is a very highly regarded prep left-hander who has garnered a ton of attention over the last two years. The only reason he fell out of the top five rounds of the draft was due to the perception that he was a hard sign, committed strongly to TCU/college.

If he is indeed thinking about signing, the Tigers will have a decision to make. Keep your fingers crossed folks, the deadline for signing a pro contract is July 12th, less than four days away.