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Links O' War: Thursday August 1st, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to #FOW... It's time to get this party started.

Here are your morning links!


Patterson Meets With The Media - TCU Horned Frogs Official Athletic Site
TCU football coach Gary Patterson opened the Horned Frogs' preseason camp with a news conference Wednesday in the Four Sevens Team Room.

More mature Pachall hopes to lead TCU this season
TCU head coach Gary Patterson said he can tell a difference in quarterback Casey Pachall because the senior has color in his face and Patterson can have conversations with him.

TCU DT Chucky Hunter will not declare early for NFL draft | TCU 360
At TCU’s football media day, Chucky Hunter, a TCU defensive lineman and speculated 2014 draft selection, wanted to assure fans that he’s not going anywhere.

TCU's Casey Pachall puts a difficult step behind him - ESPN
TCU quarterback Casey Pachall told his coach he didn't want to come along to Big 12 Media Days last week. He didn't want to meet with the media for the first time since leaving the team to seek treatment for alcohol addiction last October.

Big 12’s neutral-site games don’t work across the conference | Wichita Eagle
The Big 12 championship game used to be viewed as an unnecessary challenge by the league’s best football teams.

Pachall says that rehab stint has resulted in life changes - Big 12 Sports
Getting another chance to play on TCU’s football team has provided a dramatic change in quarterback Casey Pachall’s life.

Squat TCU RB James amazes coach with his brute strength - Big 12 Sports
TCU running back Waymon James has made a complete recovery after last season’s knee injury — and then some.

TCU’s Gary Patterson encouraged by Devonte Fields’ progress since earning two-game suspension | College Sports Blog
TCU football coach Gary Patterson said standout sophomore defensive end Devonte Fields has made progress since receiving a two-game suspension to open the season.

TCU's Pachall's story could impact the Big 12 race. | College |
Not long into his substance-abuse rehab, TCU quarterback Casey Pachall realized his biggest problem. The culprit was the guy in the mirror every morning.

TCU's Pachall humbled, matured by time away | Dallas-Fort Worth Sports News - Sports News on ...
TCU senior quarterback Casey Pachall said he has matured and been "really humbled" after his time away from school last season to participate in a substance-abuse program.

TCU adds Lauren Otto to volleyball staff | Dallas-Fort Worth Sports News - Sports News on the...
TCU volleyball coach Prentice Lewis announced the addition of former Horned Frog Lauren Otto as assistant coach on the staff.

TCU teammates: Both Pachall and Boykin offer chance to win | Dallas-Fort Worth Sports News - ...
Horned Frogs players remain confident that both Casey Pachall and Trevone Boykin can lead the offense.

TCU’s Casey Pachall: “I’ve matured a lot” | Dallas-Fort Worth Spo...
Leaving his team was agonizing, TCU quarterback Casey Pachall said, but looking back 10 months later, it was the best thing that could have happened to him.

Casey Pachall took the hard road back to TCU | Dallas-Fort Worth Sports News - Sports News on...
The quarterback sounds like a different man, and both he and the Horned Frogs should reap the benefit.

Notes on a Scorecard - TCU Horned Frogs Official Athletic Site
TCU director of intercollegiate athletics Chris Del Conte discusses the hot topics around the Horned Frogs.


Report: Alex Rodriguez to receive lifetime ban without agreement -
Judgement day is coming soon for Alex Rodriguez, who will reportedly receive a lifetime ban if he doesn't agree to a plea deal with MLB.

Alex Rodriguez, performance artist -
Alex Rodriguez has never quite seemed like a person, and not just because he's such a great player. Let's stop expecting him to start acting like one.

MLB trade deadline: Three winners, three losers - Baseball Nation
Looks like the real winner at the deadline is you because you get to read this magnificent column about trade-deadline winners and losers, you lucky dog. Wait, no, we're all losers. Because that...

NBA power rankings: Heat is consensus top team, Sixers the worst -
With the offseason just about wrapped up, a bunch of SB Nation NBA team bloggers did some power rankings to get a feel for how the association stacks up. The Heat are the unanimous No. 1 squad and the Sixers are expected to be real, real bad.

Eagles WR Riley Cooper drops the N-word at a Kenny Chesney concert -
Someone caught Cooper using some choice words at a concert this summer.

LeBron James considering running for NBAPA president, according to report -
Derek Fisher's term as Players Association president expired this summer, and James might look to fill the void.


Bean there, backed that: a legume-based MP3 player sprouts on Kickstarter | The Verge
Attempting to crowd fund a dedicated MP3 player in 2013 is a risky proposition. We're long removed from the days when traditional iPods could be seen on every street. Rather, we're firmly in an era...

Netflix debuts multiple user profiles so your roomate won't screw up your recommendations | The Verge
Netflix has built one of the world's most powerful recommendation engines. But if you belong to a family sharing a single account — dad loves screwball comedies, mom loves slasher films, little...

The top 10 new reasons to be afraid of hackers | The Verge
Thousands of computer hackers are heading to Las Vegas this week for Black Hat and Def Con, back-to-back information security conventions where attendees are warned not to send passwords over Wi-Fi...

John Wilkes Booth killed Lincoln… but who killed John Wilkes Booth? | The Verge
A murdered president. A fleeing assassin. A dead man’s vertebrae. A deathbed confession and a ghastly suicide. A family’s disgrace. Conspiracy theories and courtroom battles. Secret burials and...

German publishers opt in to Google News, despite lobbying for opt-out law | The Verge
Having originally campaigned for lawmakers to change the way Google includes their content in its News service, German publishers have decided they will continue using it after all. The AP reports...

Improving smartphone sales and a weaker yen help Sony to $35 million quarterly profit | The Verge
It may not be quite the windfall profit we're used to seeing from Apple or Samsung, but Sony has kept its financials on the positive side of the ledger over the last financial quarter — owing...

NSA director heckled as he pleads with hackers to 'put the facts on the table' | The Verge
In a timely appearance, National Security Agency director General Keith Alexander took the stage today at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas hoping to "put the facts on the table" about...

Microsoft forced to rename SkyDrive following trademark case with broadcaster | The Verge
A UK court recently ruled that Microsoft's SkyDrive name infringed on a trademark owned by British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB), and the software maker has agreed to change the name of its...

Retina iPad mini 'likely' coming this year: WSJ | The Verge
The high-resolution screen of Google's new Nexus 7 made quite a splash when it was introduced earlier this month, but it looks like it will be stacking up against a Retina version of the iPad mini...