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UPDATE: Fabuluje Reapplying To BYU... Fabuluje Has Left The TCU Football Team For Personal Reasons

The Left Tackle has reportedly quit the team, according to several reports.


UPDATE: Tayo Fabuluje is working to reapply to BYU, his original school of choice, after leaving TCU last week... No word on his intent to play football there.


There was really only one thing that made people nervous about this TCU football team, and that was offensive line depth.

Welp. Things just got worse as reports have started surfacing that left tackle Tayo Fabuluje has decided to quit the team for personal reasons.

Fabuluje, a BYU transfer, was an All-Big 12 honorable mention in 2012. This is a huge, huge blow to the offensive line, and the protection of Casey Pachall in the pocket.

We'll have the press release up as soon as it comes out.