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Links O' War: Saturday August 10th, 2013

Basketball looked OK last night, Tiger Woods has a ways to go, Albert Pujols is a steroid user?

Here are your morning links!


College Confidential: Putting the TCU-LSU "feud" & conspiracy theories to rest
Patterson talked to several reporters for over 11 minutes. Almost the entirety of the Q&A was devoted to TCU personnel issues and how certain players are doing through the first week of camp.

Soccer To Host Open House Sunday - TCU Horned Frogs Official Athletic Site
TCU soccer fans can get an early glimpse of the 2013 squad on Sunday afternoon when the program hosts its first-ever open house beginning at 1 p.m. at Garvey-Rosenthal Soccer Stadium.

Men's Amateur Golf, Canadian Men's Amateur Championship, Eli Cole: Wins the amateur by a single shot over Kent State teammates.
Eli Cole, a recent graduate of TCU, won the Canadian Men’s Amateur Championship by a single shot over Kent State teammates Taylor Pendrith and Corey Conners.

Horned Frogs Fall to Ottawa Friday Night - TCU Horned Frogs Official Athletic Site
TCU had three players score in double-figures Friday night, but dropped a 90-74 decision to the University of Ottawa at the Gee-Gee's Montpetit Hall.

Support TCU in College Colors Day Competition - TCU Horned Frogs Official Athletic Site
TCU will participate in the second-annual College Colors Day spirit competition beginning Monday.

2013 Preview: Tight Ends Look to Make Impact - TCU Horned Frogs Official Athletic Site
The tight end position will be bolstered by the return of Stephen Bryant (6-5, 240, Jr.), last year's projected starter who suffered a season-ending injury in the opening scrimmage of fall camp.


Do Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson still have a chance at 2013 PGA Championship? -
The top two players in the world begin the weekend in double-digit holes at Oak Hill. With 36 holes to go, what do they have to shoot to get back in the mix? And will it even matter?

NFL preseason 2013, week 1: Geno Smith injured, Tyrann Mathieu shines on Friday -
The opening week of NFL preseason action continued on Friday night with plenty of injuries, rookie stars and more.

Jack Clark accuses Albert Pujols, others of steroid use -
Angels first baseman says he will take legal action against former ballplayer Jack Clark, after Clark accused Pujols and other players of PED use.

A prayer to the Lord, from a ball thrown by Tim Tebow -
May the Lord love and watch over all the little oblong playthings of the world.

The Halfy Hour: 'Breaking Bad' premiere and the best shows ever -
Dan Rubenstein and Matt Ufford discuss the upcoming season five, part two Breaking Bad premiere and then dissect Entertainment Weekly's 100 greatest shows ever list.

Jack Clark, Justin Verlander, and the beloved juicers of yesteryear -
Almost all players are swingers, which is not to say that they'll go out with you tonight, but that their performances tend to vary widely.

This Week In GIFs: No one is good at baseball -
In this episode of THIS WEEK IN GIFs, we wonder how a single week of baseball can produce such fundamental failure. Vote, and help us determine the best-worst.

Fox Sports 1 hires Gabe Kapler, possibly Randy Moss -
Kapler has been hired as FS1's MLB analyst, while Moss may be soon to follow to cover football.


Obama announces surveillance reforms, but doesn't think Snowden is a patriot | The Verge
President Obama held a press conference at the White House on Friday afternoon to announce four reforms he says will increase transparency and public awareness of the surveillance programs being...

NSA memo says the agency monitors 1.6 percent of all internet traffic | The Verge
Amid a global furor over US data collection policies, the Obama administration released two documents today describing the scope and what it claims is the legal justification for its monitoring of...

Time Warner Cable customers miss first NFL games as CBS blackout wears on | The Verge
The NFL preseason kicked off last night, a joyous occasion for football-starved fans around the country — but also a potentially troubling and frustrating event if you're one of the millions of...

Fall asleep to the sound of Wikipedia | The Verge
When one thinks of edits to Wikipedia, back and forth bickering and arguments over minutia generally come to mind. A project called Listen to Wikipedia offers a very different vibe, however, as it...

Withings Pulse review | The Verge
The walking portion of my daily commute got a lot shorter when I started at The Verge. The subway used to drop me one avenue and three city blocks from my previous office, and the walk added about...

One thousand cameras: how centralized surveillance snuck into American cities | The Verge
After the Boston Marathon bombing in April, every law enforcement agency in the city sprung into action. There was video to be examined, suspects to be found, and intelligence to be gathered on any...

Every second on the internet, these things happen | The Verge
Every second, an incredible number of interactions take place on the internet, and "One Second on the Internet" gives you a real sense of their scale. It's a website which displays an icon for...

Researchers build 'robogut' to make fake feces for safer transplants | The Verge
Canadian researchers have built an artificial gut to synthesize feces in the lab in an attempt to make fecal transplants safer for the patients who need them. Along with her colleagues at the...

Asus will no longer make Windows RT tablets | The Verge
Windows RT is running out of friends. Asus told The Wall Street Journal that it will no longer make Windows RT tablets with ARM chips, saying it took a loss on its Windows RT devices last quarter....

Samsung undercuts Retina MacBook Pro with $1,399.99 Ativ Book 9 Plus | The Verge
Samsung's looking to offer laptop buyers a compelling alternative to Apple's machines with its new marquee Windows 8 ultrabook, the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus. The company has revealed today that the...

Spec Sheet: Dell's new Latitude ultrabooks transcend business-class distinction | The Verge
A lot of products come out each week — we don't highlight all of them, but all of them make it into The Verge Database. In Spec Sheet, a weekly series, we survey the latest product entries to...

YouTube debuts 360-degree controllable camera with live Kings of Leon concert this afternoon | The Verge
Kings of Leon fans who can't attend today's concert in London may still end up with the best seat in the house: the show will be livestreamed over YouTube, and a viewer-controllable 360-degree...

National Geographic uses drones and robots to capture stunning images of African lions | The Verge
Michael Nichols has spent the past two years living with lions in Tanzania. An award-winning photographer and editor, Nichols ventured into Africa's...