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TCU Ranked 46th For Merchandise Royalties in 2012-13; Texas Ranked #1, Oklahoma #11

During the 2012-13 financial year, The Collegiate Licensing Company (a division of IMG) reports that TCU was ranked #46 nationally in terms of royalties paid on licensed gear (T-Shirts, Hats, etc) sold. The industry as a whole generated $4.62 billion in revenue during that time period.

Jason Smith

Collegiate Licensing is out with their annual rank of top mercandise royalty generating programs for the 2012-13 athletic fiscal year. TCU comes in at #46. This is up one spot from 2011-12, when the Frogs ranked 47th.

TCU Merchandise Royalty Rankings
2012-13 : #46
2011-12 : #47
2010-11 : #40
2009-10 : #40
2008-09 : #59

The ranking is based off of only merchandise for which properly licensing has taken place, not a measure of all branded materials sold. Specifically, CLC ranks Universities solely on the royalties that are paid back at the end of hte fiscal year.

More from this year's release:

Notes of interest:

  • This marked the eighth consecutive year The University of Texas at Austin ranked No. 1 in CLC's fiscal year-end rankings.
  • The University of Louisville moved from No. 32 to No. 25 due in part to the success of its basketball National Championship licensing program.
  • Amongst top-20 institutions, Texas A&M University jumped from No. 19 to No. 12, due in part to its athletic success and the excitement of moving to a new conference. The University of Arkansas gained four positions to finish the year in CLC's top-10 rankings for the first time since becoming a CLC partner institution in 1988.
  • NIKE USA Inc. has been the No. 1 collegiate apparel licensee for two consecutive years. Excluding the 2009-10 and 2010-11 fiscal years, NIKE USA Inc. has held the position of top apparel licensee since 1999.
  • EA Sports has maintained its No.1 status among non-apparel licensees since Q3 of 2003.
  • Top local licensee Kentucky Wholesale Inc., an apparel manufacturer, produces officially licensed product for the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville.
  • Top apparel categories for 2012-13 included T-shirts, women's apparel, fleece, and headwear.
  • Top non-apparel categories included video games, housewares, domestics, and sports equipment.

The full top-75 list is as follows (Big 12 Teams are bolded):

(1.) The University of Texas at Austin
(2.) The University of Alabama
(3.) University of Notre Dame
(4.) The University of Michigan
(5.) University of Kentucky
(6.) Louisiana State University
(7.) University of Florida
(8.) University of Georgia
(9.) University of North Carolina
(10.) The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
(11.) The University of Oklahoma
(12.) Texas A&M University
(13.) University of Wisconsin
(14.) University of Nebraska
(15.) University of Tennessee
(16.) University of South Carolina
(17.) West Virginia University
(18.) Auburn University
(19.) The Pennsylvania State University
(20.) University of Missouri
(21.) Florida State University
(22.) The University of Kansas
(23.) Oklahoma State University
(24.) Clemson University
(25.) University of Louisville
(26.) Texas Tech University
(27.) Virginia Tech
(28.) University of Illinois
(29.) The University of Arizona
(30.) Arizona State University
(31.) Syracuse University
(32.) UCLA
(33.) University of Washington
(34.) Duke University
(35.) Purdue University
(36.) University of Utah
(37.) University of Miami
(38.) Boise State University
(39.) Oregon State University
(40.) University of Minnesota
(41.) University of California, Berkeley
(42.) Stanford University
(43.) Washington State University
(44.) The University of Mississippi
(45.) University of Maryland
(46.) Texas Christian University
(47.) The University of Virginia
(48.) University of Cincinnati
(49.) Brigham Young University
(50.) University of Colorado
(51.) Georgia Institute of Technology
(52.) University of Pittsburgh
(53.) University of Conneticut
(54.) East Carolina University
(55.) University of Montana
(56.) Boston College
(57.) State University of New Jersey
(58.) Vanderbilt University
(59.) Georgetown University
(60.) U.S. Military Academy
(61.) University of Central Florida
(62.) University of Wyoming
(63.) University of South Florida
(64.) University of Nevada
(65.) University of New Mexico
(66.) The University of Memphis
(67.) Northwestern University
(68.) Texas State University- San Marcos
(69.) Fresno State
(70.) Louisiana at Lafayette
(71.) Colorado State University
(72.) Marshall University
(73.) Gonzaga University
(74.) James Madison University
(75.) Montana State University