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Links O' War: Sunday August 25th, 2013

Welcome to the Sunday edition of FOW Morning Links!

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Here are your morning links!


Former Horned Frog Dalton comes ‘home’ for preseason | Dallas-Fort Worth Sports...
The last time Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton played at AT&T Stadium he was wearing No. 14 for TCU and leading the Horned Frogs to a season-opening win.

Meet TCU’s Gary Patterson unplugged: at practice, at home and with his beloved guitar | ...
The new mansion is at the end of a series of curves and turns, on a hill overlooking west Fort Worth. There are great rooms with vaulted ceilings and a terraced back yard with a pool. TCU’s Amon Carter Stadium is visible in the distance, and the downtown skyline.

Fans come in large number for TCU’s Meet the Frogs event | Dallas-Fort Worth Sports Ne...
The line stretched out of the Sam Baugh Indoor Practice Facility and fans arrived more than two hours early for TCU’s annual Meet the Frogs autograph session Saturday.

Big 12 football: Can TCU give the Big 12 five champions in five years? | News OK
From 2004 through 2010, the Big 12 Championship belt was relayed back and forth between Norman and Austin.

Devonte Fields, Davion Pierson bring the heat for TCU defense -
Devonte Fields and Davion Pierson were anchors of the TCU defensive line as freshmen and should only get better.

Fans get autographs, spend time with team at Meet the Frogs | TCU 360
Horned Frog football fans showed their support and spirit at the annual Meet the Frogs event on Saturday at the Sam Baugh Indoor Practice Facility.


Official ODB Season Prediction Thread/Poll - Our Daily Bears
With the 2013 Position Previews done for every position on the offense and defense, and a much better look at the latest official depth charts, it's time for the ODB commentariat to go on record with your predictions for the 2013 season.

'Only at Northwestern:' An Excerpt from John U. Bacon's 'Fourth and Long' - Sippin' On Purple
In John U. Bacon's book "Fourth and Long: The Fight for the Soul of College Football," the author embeds himself in four Big Ten programs, including Northwestern, as the Wildcats went on to win a bowl for the first time since 1949.

YOU DID IT SOUTH CAROLINA - Every Day Should Be Saturday

Report: Les Miles almost appeared in 'Ghost Shark' as the town's mayor -
LSU's football coach almost played the role of the mayor in Ghost Shark. No, for real.

2014 NFL Draft top 100 big board -
Pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney is No. 1 in the first set of rankings, but can anyone unseat the South Carolina junior for the top spot this season? (Spoiler alert: No)

Ohio State great Joey Galloway talks 2013 Bucks and more with LGHL - Land-Grant Holy Land
We chatted with former Buckeye great Joey Galloway about covering Buckeye games with ESPN, the 2013 Buckeye squad, and more

John Sharp Responds to Accusations against Johnny Manziel - Good Bull Hunting
My reaction to the e-mail from John Sharp and why this is a good sign for Johnny Manziel and the Aggies.

Texas Longhorns scholarship chart: Running backs - Burnt Orange Nation
The rather light depth chart in 2013 will give way to a full house in 2014, but will it impact recruiting in 2015?

Weis' JUCO recruiting comparisons to Snyder maddeningly wrong - Bring On The Cats
Kansas', K-State's use of junior college players vastly different

OU Football 2013 | Projecting Your Sooners Depth Chart - Crimson And Cream Machine
Since Bob Stoops' paranoia and/or general lack of giving a you know what has apparently eliminated the availability of a depth chart on the official OU Football website, we figured why not go...

Red Raider Gridiron | Kickoff Luncheon; Amaro Maturing; Versatile Foster - Viva The Matadors
See the recaps from the Texas Tech football luncheon. TE Jace Amaro talks about maturing. IR Sadale Foster discusses the numerous roles that he'll have on this team.

West Virginia Football 2013 Season Preview: Defensive Line - The Smoking Musket
Forget what you know about the Mountaineers defensive line in 2012. They all grew up and are looking to be a strength on the 2013 squad.

FOOTBALL AND FAMILY: My last OSU football game. - Cowboys Ride For Free
Life reminds us now and again that, while football might be the conduit, the people you watch it with are the real reason it's grand.

FOOTBALL AND FAMILY: My last OSU football game. - Cowboys Ride For Free
Life reminds us now and again that, while football might be the conduit, the people you watch it with are the real reason it's grand.

Forde Thousand Beers - Wide Right & Natty Lite
David Ubben, relax your pretty little head - WRNL's attention have been diverted. Sure, David still owes Ames a visit, he owes us a day of his time, and he owes us one single football game covered...


2013 NFL preseason schedule: Saints, Texans lead off Sunday doubleheader -
The third week of the preseason wraps up on Sunday with a pair of games. The Texans host the Saints, and the 49ers welcome the Vikings.

Dwight Howard reportedly wanted Kobe Bryant amnestied, Mike D'Antoni fired -
If the Lakers wanted to keep D12, he had some pretty major demands.

The Barclays scores 2013: Kevin Chappell surges into contention -
Kevin Chappell's nine birdies on Saturday bumped him up 40 spots on the tournament leaderboard, one shot behind co-leaders Matt Kuchar and Gary Woodland.

VIDEO: Rex Ryan's sideways press conference -
The Jets did manage to beat the Giants in a meaningless preseason game.

NFL preseason 2013, Week 3: What to watch in Saints-Texans, Vikings-49ers Sunday -
Sunday of the penultimate week of the NFL preseason features Adrian Peterson's debut and a matchup between two teams that haven't lost yet on their exhibition schedules. Will Peterson bolster Minnesota's offense, and can the Texans handle the Saints?

Mark Sanchez injury: Jets QB hurts right shoulder, leaves game -
New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez hurt his right shoulder and left Saturday's preseason game against the New York Giants.

Geno Smith channels Dan Orlovsky on the safety -
Smith is out Sanchez-ing Sanchez.

Jarvis Jones injury: Steelers LB hospitalized for chest evaluations -
Jarvis Jones was hospitalized for a chest injury following his exit from Saturday's preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Emmanuel Mudiay chooses SMU, Larry Brown -
The Hall of Fame coach made a huge splash on Saturday, as SMU beat out Kentucky, Baylor and Oklahoma State for one of the top players in the class of 2014.

2013 Barclays leaderboard: Tiger Woods bounces back from poor front 9 -
Tiger Woods is in the top five on the leaderboard at The Barclays despite some struggles early in his third round.

Mike Tyson claims to be on the verge of dying; says 'I've been lying to everybody else that think I was sober' - Bloody Elbow
Mike Tyson admits to lying about his sobriety, saying he's a "vicious alcoholic" who is on the verge of dying.

Jets are 'desperate' to bench Mark Sanchez -
Many view the Jets' decision to start Geno Smith over Mark Sanchez in Saturday night's preseason game despite his lack of snaps thus far this preseason as a sign the quarterback race in New York was rigged from the start.

Finally, the Ray Lewis mixtape is here -
Beats by Pharrell. Vague but clearly heartfelt motivational yelling by Ray Lewis.

This Week In GIFs: We are all out of attention -
This week's crop of animated sports GIFs features athletes not paying enough attention to the rules of humankind or laws of physics. Vote, and help us determine the best of the week.


Google is reportedly designing its own self-driving car | The Verge
Self-driving taxis could become a reality. Google is reportedly now designing and developing its own self-driving car, instead of solely modifying existing vehicles as it's done up to this point,...

US prepares for potential missile strike against Syrian government | The Verge
The US is preparing for a possible missile strike against the Syrian government, following reports of an alleged chemical attack launched earlier this week. As CBS News reports, an additional...

Gut feelings: the future of psychiatry may be inside your stomach | The Verge
Her parents were running out of hope. Their teenage daughter, Mary, had been diagnosed with a severe case of obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD), as well as ADHD. They had dragged her to clinics...

'The World's End' interview: Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost talk 'Spaced' and safe words | The Verge
Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost have been entertaining audiences for over 10 years with their love of genre, pop culture, and clever comedy — Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz....

Elon Musk will reveal gesture-based rocket design program inspired by Iron Man | The Verge
SpaceX and Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk has often been compared to a real life version of Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. Director Jon Favreau has even openly said that Musk inspired his depiction of...

Former Batmen take to Twitter in Ben Affleck's defense | The Verge
There's no way to avoid saying it: the public reaction to Ben Affleck being cast as the new Batman hasn't been pretty. Fan outrage has spread across Twitter, even leading to a slew of

Clearest images of space captured by telescope with shape-shifting mirror | The Verge
Scientists have captured the clearest, highest-resolution images of space yet, with a new type of telescope camera that has an ultra-thin, shape-shifting mirror. The first images captured by the...

NSA agents eavesdropped on love interests with surveillance powers, says WSJ | The Verge
After an NSA spokesperson admitted a handful of "willful violations of NSA's authorities" over the past ten years, The Wall Street Journal reports a simple but worrying reason for some breaches:...

Dogtown: Detroit's latest challenge is thousands of stray dogs | The Verge
Detroit's recent bankruptcy has exacerbated an old problem: stray dogs. A new Bloomberg report estimates there could be as many as 50,000 stray dogs roaming the streets of Detroit, roughly one for...

Whole Foods is selling vinyl records now, naturally | The Verge
There's a stereotype about Whole Foods shoppers, and the grocery store appears happy to play to it: five of its Los Angeles locations are now stocking vinyl records on their shelves beside the...

Casey Affleck to star in sci-fi teleportation film 'To Be Two' | The Verge
Casey Affleck is already shooting one sci-fi project in Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, but he'll be reteaming with the director of Ain't Them Bodies Saints to add another genre project to his...

Back to School 2013: The Verge buying guide | The Verge
First, the bad news: summer’s over. It’s chillier out there every day, and soon you won’t have beaches, road trips, or kaiju to entertain you. It’s time to pull your jacket out of the...

The Verge Playlist: listen to the alleged 'Grand Theft Auto V' soundtrack | The Verge
Music has been a big part of the Grand Theft Auto series ever since Rockstar had the bright idea of filling virtual radio stations with licensed soundtracks — and it appears we've gotten an early...

Al Jazeera sues AT&T for dropping its American cable news network from U-verse 'in bad faith' | The Verge
Al Jazeera has been working all year to launch an English language cable news network in the United States, but not all went to plan when the channel went live this past Tuesday. AT&T cut the...

Pogo is like MagSafe for your headphones, but you can't buy it | The Verge
With the introduction of the magnetically attached MagSafe power connector, Apple saved millions of MacBooks from taking a tumble onto the floor. Now, product designer Jon Patterson has applied the...

Health from above: a drone to deliver defibrillators to heart attack victims | The Verge
German non-profit group Definetz wants to make defibrillators readily available across its country so that any time someone has a heart attack, the life saving devices are within arms reach. And...

QWERTY lives: alleged Motorola Droid 5 leaked in photos | The Verge
Smartphones with physical keyboards are becoming increasingly rare these days: aside from the BlackBerry Q10 and its limitations, there really aren't any high-end or mid-range options available...

Kevin Spacey Really Wants TV Channels to Give Control To Their Audiences [Video] | Geekosystem
Everybody knows the American TV industry is in big trouble, but it's always odd to hear someone who actually works in the industry say that out loud. While speaking to a group at the Edinburgh Television Festival, House of Cards star Kevin Spacey promised that switching to a Netflix-style model of content creation and distribution will take a bite out of privacy.

How Pacific Rim Should Have Ended, Now With Bonus Voltrons [Video] | Geekosystem
I feel deep in my heart that Pacific Rim is a totally amazing blockbuster movie, but I'll admit that there are a lot of points where you have to willingly suspend your disbelief. Naturally, Youtube animated channel How It Should Have Ended went ahead and poked at those points with a giant robot sword. Several giant robot swords, actually.

Highlights from Yesterday’s Reddit AMA of The Woman With The Bionic Arm | Geekosystem
Angel is a 24 year old woman who was born without a left arm and who now owns a series of real badass prosthetics. After a picture of her carrying a bow and arrow with her bionic arm started making the rounds on Tumblr, she offered to tell us all more about how far medical technology has come in her experience.

Science Finally Takes First Steps Toward Hangover-Free Beer | Geekosystem
Earlier this week we brought the happy news that jetpacks will be a thing soon, and you can already get all your food in pill form. But now we move to a sign of living in the future that the Jetsons never saw coming -- beer that doesn't leave you with a hangover. Progress, my friends, is the most wondrous of all things.

Before He Retires, Here Are Some of Our Favorite Crazy Steve Ballmer Moments | Geekosystem
While Steve Ballmer might not have been the greatest CEO Microsoft ever had, we've got a big soft spot for the guy, mostly because of how nice it is to the the CEO of a Fortune 500 company regularly act like an utter madman. After announcing today that he will retire within 12 months, we wanted to share some of the reasons we'll miss Ballmer.

Thoroughly Wackjob Dentist Wants To Clone John Lennon From A Tooth | Geekosystem
Does buying one of John Lennon's teeth for nearly $30,000 sound like a crazy thing to do? That's because it is. But it's not as crazy as the latest thing the man who bought it -- Canadian dentist Michael Zuk -- wants to do. Zuk wants to extract DNA from the tooth and use it to clone Lennon, which is the sort of thing sane, healthy people do, right?

Turn Anything Into A 3D Model With The Makerbot Digitizer | Geekosystem
Want to make 3D copies of an object but don't have the know how to design a computer model of it yourself? MakerBot has got you covered. The company is taking preorders for their Digitizer, a laser scanner that can create a 3D model of any object so you can print copies of it from your 3D printer. Soon, my army of action figures will be complete...

Facebook Junkies, Worry Not: New Pavlov Poke Shocks You If You Use Facebook Too Much | Geekosystem
If you've ever wondered what PhD candidates at MIT do in their spare time, wonder no more. It's actually about what you would expect: they make proactive art/design projects to administer non-lethal shocks to their bodies when they spend too much time on one application. Or rig systems to have strangers call and yell at them.


Taking a day off? Ferris Bueller Ferrari is up for auction
The car used for the classic '80s movie should go for more than $250,000, but some think it could fetch up to $1 million.

Foreign moviegoers are superheroes to Hollywood
Foreign returns on superhero movies are now underwriting the future of those lucrative franchises.

Consumers getting choosier, so should retail stock investors
Retail results have been a mixed bag as consumers become more discriminating. Investors may want to follow suit.

Trump university made false claims, lawsuit says
The New York State attorney general's office filed a civil lawsuit on Saturday accusing Trump University, Donald J. Trump's for-profit investment school, of engaging in illegal business practices.

The gaming company Google is betting on: It isn't Zynga
Google gets more serious about gaming in Kabam's high funding score.

Is this Apple's rumored gold iPhone?
Apple may be launching a gold iPhone after all.

Wal-Mart ramps up tech investments to go global
Wal-Mart is pursuing Silicon Valley talent and investing in new technologies, said Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke.

Yahoo beats Google to the top spot for US web traffic
So what was the most popular U.S. website last month? Not Google. Turns out that Yahoo had the most unique monthly visitors in July, beating even the search king.

Central banks told to cooperate on managing global liquidity
Central banks should coordinate to avoid unwanted side effects as they exit from ultra-easy monetary policies that have left the world awash in cheap money, top policymakers were told on Saturday.

Central bankers debate risks from withdrawing global liquidity
Global financial stability is at risk as central banks draw back from ultra-easy policies, because emerging markets lack defenses to prevent potentially huge capital outflows.