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LSU Tigers vs. TCU Horned Frogs Gamethread

The time for football has finally arrived once more, and there's nothing like a top 25 showdown to kick off the season with a bang. Chat about all of the games goings on here with your fellow Frogs!

Kind of a Big Deal
Kind of a Big Deal
Ronald Martinez

At long last the wait is over, and the Frogs will take the field for the first time in 2013. What kind of performance can we expect to see from the Frogs tonight? Will the coin flip be heads or tails? Which team has the best looking punter? If you're not at the game, why not discuss these things and the game itself in the comments here with your fellow Frogs?It's finally time for football and this is your Game Thread. Let's beat the hell out of LSU!

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Go Frogs!