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Frogs O' War Saturday Open Thread

TCU/LSU is the late game tonight, but it's a full Saturday of college football. Feel free to tell us what you're watching and react with your fellow Frogs as the games go on.

Actual shot of the Frogs O' War crew.  I'm in the hard hat.
Actual shot of the Frogs O' War crew. I'm in the hard hat.
George Frey

Less than twelve hours to the Frogs kicking off their season against LSU, but today is the first honest-to-god football Saturday in eight long months.  If you're going to be watching the days action (which you almost certainly will be, honestly) why not share the experience with the Frogs O' War crew?  Interesting games on the schedule today include our new MAC friends Buffalo visiting Ohio State, at 11, Rice will look to pounce on the distracted Texas Aggies at 12, Orange Bowl participant Northern Illinois will try to avenge last year's regular season loss to Iowa at 2:30- which is also when our Big 12 bretheren Oklahoma State take on the SEC's Mississippi Bulldogs.  Sadly the real meat of the schedule, Georgia/Clemson and Texas/Ole Miss is running at the same time as the Frogs, so they won't be getting much attention round here.  Who do you think's going to win today?  Do you see any major upsets (apart from Kansas State's wild loss yesterday, which I had called but I didn't get my picks in in time for it not to look suspect)?

We will, of course, have a gamethread come kickoff, but feel free to enjoy yourself in the meantime.  It's football!  Hooray football!