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Frogs O' War Staff LSU picks

In the last hour before the game, here's what we think is going to happen.

Patterson is glad we at least got around to picking the game that mattered
Patterson is glad we at least got around to picking the game that mattered

In an ordinary week on Frogs O' War we'll run staff picks on Friday and pick the entire Big 12 sched, but on account of Larry Brown I didn't get around to it before Fridays games and as a result several Big 12 games have already ended.  Still, I'll score what the others sent me to keep track of how we all do for the season, but there's more than enough time to still show off our picks for the LSU game.  Here we go!

Jamie Plunkett- LSU 17, TCU 20

Holy crap am I excited for this game or what. It's about time that we actually get to see these two teams play, now that we've been discussing strategies ad nauseum for the past month. I don't care about Devonte, or Hill, I just want to see these teams grind it out in a hard fought battle. Frogs come out on top because they force Mettenberger into a few bad passes late that end up in purple hands.

Purple Wimple- LSU 26, TCU 28

LSU 26 vs. TCU 28 (@ Arlington) Field goals and a special teams TD give LSU an early lead, but Pachall and LaDarius Brown get the last laugh in the final minute.  Frogs storm the field, Jerry's henchmen make multiple arrests.  Dick Lowe bails 'em all out.

HawkeyedFrog- LSU 24, TCU 31

We're unanimous in delusion at least.  The Frogs take an early lead which makes Les Miles and Cam Cameron press a bit in the passing game to try and close the gap quickly.  An Elisha Olabode pick 6 makes them rethink this choice and into the meat grinder we go.  The Tigers knot the score at 24 with two minutes left and the Frogs face two third down and longs which are converted by a Casey Pachall strike to Brandon Carter and a delayed handoff to Waymon James.  With 17 seconds left and the ball at the 22 yard line, Patterson takes a shot at the end zone where LaDarius Brown overpowers his man and comes down with the score.

Thoughts?  Mockery?  Predictions of your own?  Now's the time, for posterity!