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A FOW Competition: College Fantasy Football

I'm getting antsy to whoop up on you guys in something, and I found the perfect avenue for releasing this angst. Also, this will take our minds off of Hasley bailing out.


Alright fellas, it's fantasy football time again.

This time though, we're doing things a little differently. Frogs O' War is hosting a 12-team college fantasy football league.

Afraid you don't know enough about college players to draft a successful team? Fret not! Instead of drafting players, we'll be drafting entire teams. The concept is similar to regular fantasy football, but instead of players earning you points, you'll earn points based on the performance of your teams each week. Essentially, if your roster of teams earns more wins than your opponent, you win for that week.

The league is hosted through Pigskin Fantasy U, a site developed by a friend of mine. Visit the site here to learn more.

To join our league, create an account with PFU, search for Frogs O' War in the league names, and enter the password (tcufrogs). There are only 12 spots (less one for me) so sign up quickly to make sure you get to play!

The winner will receive a sweet gift at the end of the season.