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Game Week #3: Gary Patterson Press Conference Recap

Gary Patterson took to the microphone today to talk all things Casey Pachall, Devonte Fields, and Texas Tech.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Here are some highlights from Gary's presser today, which talked a lot about Casey, Devonte, and Texas Tech.

- Gary said the QB for Tech came to our camps, but we didn't offer because we didn't think we would take a QB that year. TCU didn't offer Johnny Manziel either, even though he came to three TCU camps.

- Tech QB really wants to beat TCU, apparently.

- Tech used to be a passing team under Mike Leach, Kliff prefers to run the ball and run fly sweeps to confuse the defense, while also using the pass effectively.

- Trevone is much better at throwing the ball down the middle of the field this year. But, Gary believes that most turnovers happen in the middle of the field and thus passing down the middle of the field is dangerous.

- There is no comparison between Trevone in 2012 and Trevone 2013... Totally different people.

- Jason Phillips watched 4 hours of film after class each week every year at school... Gary has hoped Trevone would be more like this and he has gotten better, Tyler Matthews is a film-room guy already.

- Gary talked to Casey Monday... Casey was up-beat, wants to travel with the team and help coach during his time on the sidelines.

- While Casey's time table is 8 weeks, Gary can't say Casey will be able to play this season... After that period, there is still a chance Casey could re injure the arm, and Casey will have to think about playing vs. his NFL future.

- Job #1 is to win football games, and Gary has to be fair to his team... Sounds very much like he is saying, "I would love to play Casey again, but I don't think I will be able to do that." Gary thinks Casey won't go for the medical red-shirt, will leave after he graduates in December. Gary put the chances at 80%/20% he leaves.

- Trevone has been a spark for TCU in both of TCU's games, he extends and makes plays with his feet.

- Jason Verrett may not have many interceptions so far this year, but that is because people aren't throwing to him... His resume as a corner is already made.

- When asked if Boykin has outplayed Casey so far this year, Gary says, "I don't know... That wouldn't be fair of me to say."

- With Boykin as the #1 starter, TCU can hone in on one game plan instead of making two for two quarterbacks. Now, TCU can have one offense philosophy.

- Tech/TCU will always be a high intensity ball game... TCU recruits more frequently against Tech than other Big 12 schools.

- Gary doesn't think this game will effect recruiting greatly, as long as both teams play well.

That's all I got, have to run to a meeting... Typical Gary!