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Midweek Musings: The Bet

The following is a transcript of what transpired as I tried to make a bet with my Tech wife regarding Thursday's game.

Alan Crowhurst

The following took place at the Plunkett household on Tuesday evening,September 10th.

Jamie: It's game week!!! Get excited! (SIDENOTE: My wife absolutely despises football. It is the bane of her existence. Being 7 months pregnant does nothing but exacerbate these feelings).

Wife: I'd be more excited if it wasn't football, and I'd be more nervous if I thought we weren't going to kick your ass again this year.

Jamie: Harsh. But if you're so confident, let's make a bet.

Wife: *massive sigh* Fine. *She gets up, and walks out of the room*

Jamie: Uhh, so what's the bet? *Makes a move to get off the couch*

Wife: *reenters room carrying all of Jamie's TCU apparel* If Tech wins, you don't wear any of this until TCU/Tech 2014.

Jame: No way. Absolutely not. How about we just bet $100 bucks?

Wife: That's dumb, we have a joint account. I like my idea more.If I lose, I won't wear any Tech stuff for the same amount of time.

Jamie: That's the worst bet of all time. You own one Tech shirt and you never wear it.

Wife: False. I wear it sometimes.

Jamie: Ok how about this. If Tech wins, Saturday becomes Terrific Lady Day. Anything you want to do, see, etc. we'll do. And I won't complain at all. And I'll hold your hand in public. And smile and stuff. But if TCU wins, Saturday becomes man day, and I don't have to bathe, wear pants or eat anything from any of the five major food groups for the whole day. I'll get to watch football all day and I won't be bothered with any menial tasks or chores.

Wife: Deal. Farmers Market here we come.

Jamie: *cursing under his breath* Deal.

Go Frogs.