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What the hell was that? Tech 20-TCU 10 Postgame Reactions

No, seriously. What the hell was that?

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

This was a game that will be long remembered in TCU land for all the wrong reasons.  The defense played absolutely out of its mind after the first quarter, the offense showed it has a lot to work on in both playcalling and playmaking, though B.J. Catalon and Waymon James looked good as always.

And then there were the refs.  I will preface by saying that I hate blaming the refs for losses, and after this weekend we're going to need to try to let this one go, but right now... Wow.  I have never seen such consistently incompetent officiating on both sides, mind you as I saw in this game.  So many questionable flags, so many questionable lack of flags and then in the fourth quarter some of the most mind-wrenching calls that I have ever seen.  Fumble into the end zone?  I don't know the rule myself, but Sammy O'Brien stated firmly that that was a touchback, and I trust his judgement.  Kick catch interference without a TCU player within three yards?  I honestly have no idea what to say to that, and the fact that the ball hit him in the arm and TCU recovered was simply flabbergasting.  Then a tech back struggles forward, fumbles.  Tech runs another play and TCU calls time out after it.  The refs go back and review the previous play, despite not being able to.  They then rule that he the ruling on the field stood, despite video evidence to the contrary, and TCU didn't get the timeout back.  I don't understand a damn thing that happened in this game after TCU scored their (only) touchdown of the game.  So really.

What the hell was that?