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Links O' War: September 16th, 2013

HawkeyedFrog is pushed into emergency link duty. Nothing to see here, folks.

I wonder what Links O' War means.  I should know, since I was the originator of the title.  Hm.
I wonder what Links O' War means. I should know, since I was the originator of the title. Hm.
Angry Trey

Short links, because there's not a whole heck of a lot going on now.

TCU News

TCU Wins In Thrilling Fashion Over No. 25 Arkansas - TCU Horned Frogs Official Athletic Site
TCU Soccer breaks their losing streak in impressive fashion over #25 Arkansas.  Pig Fooie.

Rugby rebounds with multiple wins at Southwest Conference tournament | TCU 360
At least Rugby still gets a Southwest Conference.  I miss you, Rice!

Around the Big 12 SBNation blogs (Mostly Wide Right and Natty Lite)

Thank You For Finally Helping Farmers, Hawkeyes - Wide Right & Natty Lite
Iowa has one of the biggest fanbases on SBNation, so when the Iowa game rolls around traffic picks up on Iowa State's blog as the Hawkeyes roll in.  Then the Wide Right and Natty Lite guys donate the bonus ad revenue to Iowa State.  Well trolled, gentlemen.

Iowa-ffice Space (Part 2) - Wide Right & Natty Lite
If you take away Greg Davis' stapler, he's going to set the building on fire.  HawkeyedFrog is not the only one writing rivalry snarkposts on the internet.

Recap: Game Three - Beat The Teams You Should. Eers Win. - The Smoking Musket
The Smoking Musket crew is just happy to have an easy win, though it came a few weeks after they first expected.

Texas-Ole Miss: Quotables - Burnt Orange Nation
Notable because Mack Brown still things Texas can win the Big 12 and that BON has started working Fire Mack Brown into all of their urls.

And a special welcome to the reader who found Frogs O' War

By searching "Week 9 college football results".  Check back in a few weeks and we'll have those ready for you, champ!