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Frogs O' War Blogpoll: Week 3

This weeks lessons in polling: beating Manziel: good. Losing to the Akron Zips: bad. Beating Kent State: otherworldly.

That, friends, is an Akron Zip.  Lose against it at your peril.
That, friends, is an Akron Zip. Lose against it at your peril.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The votes are in-- (one of our bloggers took the week off) and here's the tally for another round of the Frogs o' War solo-blog poll.

1 Alabama 75
2 Clemson 70
3 LSU 65
4 Florida State 53
5 UCLA 52
6 Stanford 49
7 Oklahoma 47
7 Washington 47
9 Oregon 46
10 Georgia 45
11 OklahomaState 42
12 Ohio State 36
13 Northwestern 35
14 Texas A&M 33
15 Michigan 31
15 Ole Miss 31*
17 Louisville 30
18 SouthCarolina 24
19 Miami (FL) 21
20 Auburn 20
21 Baylor 18
22 Arizona State 15
22 Texas Tech 15
24 BYU 12
25 Arkansas 10
25 CentralFlorida 10
25 Fresno State 10

Also receiving votes: Northern Ill., Arizona, Florida, Georgia Tech, Wisconsin.

Why the asterisk for Ole Miss?  No, it's not because beating Texas is a meaningless victory.  Rather it's because one of our bloggers liked that win so much he ranked the Rebels twice.

Movers and shakers: LSU's win over Kent State propelled it from 14th last week to third this week; Arizona State's (weird) win over Wisconsin also gave the Sun Devils an eleven spot jump.  Oklahoma (nine spots), UCLA (eight) and South Carolina (eight) also rose significantly.

Michigan's scare against Akron (maybe the Wolverines will fear the 'Roo going forward) produced an eleven spot drop in this week's poll.  Clearly FOW doesn't fear the dad-gum roo.  Wisconsin dropped eight spots.