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Frogs O' War Big 12 Predictions: Week 4

A bit short staffed this week, but still we make our predictions for every Big 12 game this week. It figures the response dies down when the games get harder to pick.

The number of crystal ball gazers drops every week
The number of crystal ball gazers drops every week
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An up and down week last week has led to a smaller turnout this time, but Patrick and company may pop by to edit in their picks before kickoff comes round.  In the meantime, here are the picks for this week's short lineup.

Louisiana Tech @ Kansas

HawkeyedFrog- Kansas 31, Louisiana Tech 24
The Jayhawks take an early lead with a defensive touchdown and pad it out to 21 points by halftime.  Tech roars back in the second half, but can never fully close the gap.  Kansas doubles its win total from last year and picks up some confidence going into conference play.

FungoFrog- LaTech 17, Kansas 10
The fat man and company look really, really bad IMHO and I think LaTech is going to pull off the big surprise. After this game, Kansas fans will be wishing they still had the mangenious on the sidelines.

West Virginia @ Maryland

HawkeyedFrog- Maryland 28, West Virginia 17
The defensive improvement for the Mountaineers is for real, but the offensive explosion from last week turns out to be a mirage as the Mountaineers struggle to score against an improved Terp defense.  Maryland runs the ball often to keep West Virginia from settling into a rhythm and end up pushing ahead in the fourth quarter when the Mountaineer defense wears down.

FungoFrog- WVU 24, Maryland 17
West Virginia has also not been too impressive so far through 2013, but I don't think they are AAC bad. Maryland puts up an effort, Dana figures it out and gets the job done.

Louisiana-Monroe @ Baylor

HawkeyedFrog- Baylor 65, Louisiana-Monroe 28
Welcome to the toughest test yet for the Baylor Bears, a team that was shut out by Oklahoma to open the season. Baylor will turn on the jets early and won't stop until the Warhawks are deep fried at the half, then will only score 20 more points after halftime, causing national journalists to wonder what Louisiana-Monroe did to slow Baylor down.

FungoFrog- LaMonroe 12, Baylor 52
Baylor... I can't wait to see this team play a quality team with a B level defense. But, no doubt, they have some talent, they will be an interesting team to watch as the season progresses.

Texas State @ Texas Tech

HawkeyedFrog- Texas Tech 38, Texas State 20
Please don't let this one be close, Raiders, I don't think I could take you not blowing State out.  Even my optimism can only withstand so much.  Fran will try and control the clock and do the one thing that TCU refused to do last week- run the damn ball.  It's not as effective if you don't have Waymon James and B.J. Catalon to do it though, so Tech still wins handily.

FungoFrog- Texas State 10, Texas Tech 30
Tech is better than TCU fans give them credit for, and Texas State isn't nearly as good as people think they are. Tech rolls.

Kansas State @ Texas

HawkeyedFrog- Kansas State 40, Texas 24
I mentioned in last week's Weekend Warzone that Texas is more fragile than soft, but playing a team that has had your number in recent history only exacerbates the fragile mindset if things don't go Texas' way at the outset.  Kansas State struggles early on until they find a running play that works, then they run it until Texas can stop it- which they are never able to do.

FungoFrog- Kansas State 24, Texas 21
Hey, at least I didn't pick Texas again! K-State wins, but Texas makes it respectable.

Thoughts?  Opinions?  Your own picks?  Let us know all of them in the comments.