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Keys to the Game: TCU vs. SMU

TCU is favored by 19 against SMU, and this is how they make sure they get a win on Saturday.

TCU should not lose this game tomorrow. That being said, if the offense plays like it did against Tech, and this could very well go south in a hurry. Here are some keys to TCU getting a victory against the Mustangs.

1. Establish the run

TCU needs B.J. Catalon, Waymon James and Trevone Boykin to run early and often. If the Frogs can control the ground game and the clock they'll take care of the Stangs in a hurry.

2. Put Trevone Boykin in positions to succeed

This point feeds straight off of point one. A strong running game will take pressure off of Boykin in the passing game. If he gets put in short passing downs, and has a few good designed runs, it'll ease his nerves a little. If he can get into a rhythm, he should be able to move this offense with confidence.

3. Get pressure on Gilbert

SMU really only has its passing game to lean on, and the Frogs lead the Big 12 in sacks with eight. Devonte Fields won't play in this game because of a foot injury, but the rest of the D-line should be able to get in the backfield and affect Gilbert as he's throwing.

4. Protect the ball/force turnovers

TCU is +3 in the turnover battle this season, and they've forced three turnovers in each of their past two games. Getting the ball away from SMU while protecting it is a recipe for success.