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TCU (finally) Runs Over SMU 48-17 Reaction Thread

TCU's recovers from a halftime deficit to decimate SMU in the second half.

Welcome to the show, Story.
Welcome to the show, Story.
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Frogs have their first rivalry win of the season after steamrolling the SMU Mustangs in the second half.  The TCU defense intercepted Garrett Gilbert four times, battered and sacked him and reduced him to tears with 1:26 left in the game.  Though the first half was among the most miserable football experiences I've ever had (up there with Tech rallying from 21-0), TCU remembered that they are a good football team and absolutely pummeled SMU in every phase of the game, seeing a Kickoff return TD, Interception return TD, Rushing TD and passing TD in the second half.  Postgame analysis will follow before long, but 2-2 feels pretty good after that performance.  The Iron Skillet stays home.  Oklahoma... game on.

Dancing time.