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Frogs O' War Postgame Analysis: TCU 48, SMU 17

The Frogs O' War staff drops in to analyze the key points of TCU's dominating win over the rival SMU Mustangs.

Bring all your Mustangs, you won't stop him from getting a first down.
Bring all your Mustangs, you won't stop him from getting a first down.
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports


Wow, if there was ever a game that was a tale of two halves, this was certainly it.  In the first half TCU was getting the same stupid penalties, the same stupid playcalling and the same stupid turnovers that have forced TCU to try to win games with one arm behind their backs.  SMU scored first and the stat of June Jones being 16-0 when the Mustangs score first flashed on the screen, and through the first half it certainly looked like it may stay that way as TCU's offense was absolutely dreadful in the first half and Gilbert looked to be settling into a nice groove.  Even after halftime TCU's playcalling was still frustratingly pass-centric as Boykin came out looking to throw on each of TCU's first five plays of the half, and only after a (short) torrential downpour did TCU go to the ground game in earnest.  And with that... everything started to work.  Gilbert threw pick after pick, ending the game with four, he was sacked a total of eight times and TCU's offense started to dominate through balance.  The key to the offensive success: the threat of the run opened up the play action passing game, and suddenly Boykin was feeling the passing game too, with play action screens turning into huge gains (including Ja'Juan Story's first TCU touchdown).  Even when Brandon Carter did his best to flip momentum back to SMU with fumbles and moronic personal foul penalties the Frogs continued to pour on the pressure and the points.  This could be the start of a big turnaround for TCU heading into the second third of the season with a key game against Oklahoma coming up, but only if the Frogs remember the lessons of today.  Jarrett Anderson... Run the damn ball.  Now, it's 5:30 AM and I'm going to bed.  Go Frogs!

The remaining Frogs O' War staff members will be editing in with their thoughts and analysis of what we saw in Fort Worth today, so make sure you check in on this topic throughout the afternoon and evening.