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Postgame Reaction: Frogs wake up in second half, thump Lions 38-17

After an absolutely abysmal first half the frogs remember that they're a good team and pound SE Louisiana

Run the ball.  What could be simpler?
Run the ball. What could be simpler?
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Frogs can finally exhale after disposing of a pesky Lions squad, secure that they didn't end up like the last #24 ranked team to play an FCS team.  It wasn't the kind of win we wanted, as the Frogs didn't seem interested in much through most of the first half and Casey Pachall suffered a left wrist injury of unknown severity (Frogs O' War will let you know when there's information to be had on the wrist).  Still, there aren't many games in a football season so it's good to get a win in this one.  Mild celebration?  Mild celebration.