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Previewing the 2014 TCU Baseball Season: Interview With Jim Schlossnagle

Jim Schlossnagle sat down with FungoFrog to talk 2013, summer ball, new coaches and the 2014 baseball team.

Jim Schlossnagle
Jim Schlossnagle

On the 2013 woes:
"We didn't play good baseball when we needed to and we didn't hit... When you lose your confidence so early, that's tough to regain."

On adjusting future schedules:
"Instead of having 4-5 non-conference weekends against elite teams, maybe you only play two elite teams and fill the rest with teams you think might be easier wins."

On future schedules:
- Trying to get Rice on future schedules. The Frogs play Rice in the Houston College Classic tournament in 2014.
- TCU will play at Arizona State in 2015, the start of a future Home/Home series.
- TCU will play in the Dodgertown Classic (Dodger Stadium) in 2015 vs. USC, UCLA and Vanderbilt.

On Chuck Jeroloman leaving:
"He had an opportunity to be a full-time assistant and recruiting coordinator and Jacksonville in Florida. That's great for him."

On Zach Ethridge:
"He has done great things for us on and off the field... The players love him; he throws great BP and has already done great work with the catchers."

On Bill Mosiello:
"Mo is a pure baseball person... He managed in the Angels and Yankees organizations, but his heart was always in college baseball. Mike Socosia saw it and things very highly of him, he even tried to get him to stay in the Angels organization before he left for Tennessee."

On Tony Vitello:
"He did a great job for us as recruiting coordinator, but he was gone a lot and that led to some challenges on the field... I felt like we needed to get the best, pure baseball person alive... So we got Mo in here, and it's been awesome."