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The Battle of the Basement: Texas Tech @ TCU

Our TCU Horned Frogs are presently at the bottom of the Big 12 standings, but with a win here they will shove Tech down to the basement instead.

We want to be looking down on Tech when this is over
We want to be looking down on Tech when this is over
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This is a big one for the Frogs, as Texas Tech has been a troubled team so far this year and is coming into this game with a worse record than TCU. That's the good news. The bad news is despite their troubles, Tech absolutely trashed Baylor in Lubbock earlier in the week, they've been a solid rebounding team and their depth hasn't been totally decimated.

That said, the Frogs should have a good chance to win this game if they can achieve the keys to the game.

1. Don't be afraid to penetrate- Kyan Anderson has been a bit more hesitant to drive to the basket this year, but that needs to change. Aggressive driving will create open shots and also help TCU equalize Tech's size advantage by getting their starters in foul trouble.

2. Don't fall in love with the three if you're behind- "Heroball" is what I call it, as too often against Baylor and Kansas State the Frogs started settling for contested threes to try and make up a big chunk of lead all at once. I'm not saying don't take threes, but be smart about when you take them- a 70% chance at two points is better than a 30% chance at three.

3. Come out hot- The crowd should be into it since it's Texas Tech, but at the same time Tech's win over Baylor this week and the huge number of Tech alums that live in Fort Worth may spike visitor attendance as well. If TCU is going to win they need to start strong and get the home court advantage (such as we have) in full swing as soon as possible.

4. Don't allow more thant six offensive rebounds- Self explanatory for the most part. I've resolved myself to the fact that TCU will almost certainly be outrebounded, but the damage has to be limited in letting Tech get extra chances by the basket. Box out and collect the rebounds as a team, guys.

The first step of growth for the basketball team starts now. Go Frogs, Beat Tech!