More mind-numbing but interesting BCS stats that rightfully make TCU look good.

By my count:

There were 72 BCS games played.

Only 51 schools sent a team to a BCS game. TCU of course was one of those schools.

Only 32 teams won a BCS game. TCU won the 2011 Rose Bowl.

Only 30 schools sent a team to two or more BCS games. TCU played in the 2011 Rose Bowl and the 2010 Fiesta Bowl.

Only 5 non-AQ schools sent a team to a BCS game. Joining TCU was Boise State, Utah, Hawaii, and Northern Illinois. Only 3 - BSU, Utah and TCU - made it to more than one BCS game.

Of the non-AQ schools to play in a BCS game, TCU and Utah tied for the highest AP ranking (#2) at the end of the season, although TCU was also ranked #2 in the Coaches Poll while Utah finished at #4.

Only 4 Texas universities sent a team to a BCS game: Texas (4); TCU (2); Baylor (1); Texas A&M (1).

Make of this what you will, but don't ever let anyone downplay the significance of what TCU accomplished during the BCS era.

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