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Frogs O' War Friday Picks: Week 7

Here are the staff picks of the week!

Current Standings

1. tylervr11 (38-1)

2. Marshall Weber (37-2)

3. coachmelissa (36-3)

4. Hawkeyed Frog (35-3)

5. Jamie Plunkett (34-5)

So we added a few non-conference games to see if we could shake things up a bit. I'd say it worked.

Big 12 Games

Texas Tech vs. West Virginia

Jamie Plunkett

West Virginia 42, Texas Tech 28 - Tech hangs around, but Davis Webb is bad, and the defense is worse. West Virginia isn't a bad team, and they'll be 4-2 after this one's through.

Marshall Weber
West Virginia 56, Texas Tech 31 - Kliff isn't on the hot seat yet. But if the defense keeps getting shellacked and Davis Webb has another game like he did against K-State--the seat may get a little warm.

Hawkeyed Frog

West Virginia 37, Texas Tech 24 - Tech starts strong in this one, but just as everyone starts to believe that Davis Webb has turned the corner he throws a pick 6 that ties the game and completely turns the tide. West Virginia gets revenge for 2012's beatdown in Lubbock.


West Virginia 45, Texas Tech 31 - West Virginia's offense will continue to roll versus a non-existent Texas Tech defense. Tech mine as well forfeit playing defense and flip a coin to decide if West Virginia will score a touchdown or field goal. The only reason the Mountaineers will not blow out the Red Raiders is because the game is in Lubbock.


Texas Tech 35, West Virginia 31 - Texas Tech seems to be on a slippery slope as they head to Morgantown, losers of three straight games, including two to Big 12 opponents. After a shootout with OSU, they were all but shut down by K State, and now face a Mountaineers squad that has looked nearly unstoppable on offense behind quarterback Clint Trickett. This is put up or shut up time for the Red Raiders, and if they are going to have any chance of staying in the Big 12 race, this is a must win game. I believer WVU is the better team, but Kingsbury rallies the troops and gets a hugely important win at home.

No. 11 Oklahoma vs. Texas (Dallas)

Jamie Plunkett

Oklahoma 31, Texas 24 - Texas won't upset OU like they did last season, but this one will be close. Texas' defense is on the rise, and if Trevor Knight plays like he did in the second half against TCU, this one could get dicey for the Sooners.

Marshall Weber

Oklahoma 45, Texas 13 - Angry from last week's game--and wanting to make a statement after last year's loss, Bob Stoops shows no mercy. He shows no mercy on defense. He shows no mercy on offense. He shows no mercy to the fried butter and fried iced tea.

Hawkeyed Frog

Oklahoma 30, Texas 10 - Oklahoma just doesn't lose two games in a row, and when not facing a TCU-esque offense on the road, I think the Sooner defense has little trouble keeping Swoopes and company bottled up.


Oklahoma 35, Texas 10 - The Red River Rivalry is never easy to predict, does not matter the records or rankings of these teams coming into this game. The Sooners will look strong coming off a tough loss to TCU last week. Texas has displayed a strong defense this year and they will keep the score close in the first half, but Oklahoma will again prove why they are one of the best teams in the country.


Oklahoma 45, Texas 17 - Sorry Longhorns, but we done ticked off the Sooners, and you'll be the ones that suffer for it. OU will come out for blood, and UT is basically roadkill at this point. The UT D will fight valiantly, but Stoops and co will shut down the Texas run game and force Swoopes in to mistake after mistake. Texas can't score enough to keep this game interesting for long, and the eyes of Texas turn to Waco.

Iowa State vs. Toledo

Jamie Plunkett

Toledo 27, Iowa State 20 - Toledo is better than y'all think, and Iowa State is bad. Poor Cyclones. When does Paul Rhodes get put on the hot seat? After this loss.

Marshall Weber

Iowa State 35, Toledo 20 - In their Ronald McDonald style uniforms, the Cyclones get a much needed win.

Hawkeyed Frog

ISU 24, Toledo 22 - Finally the Cyclones catch a break, as desperate to show that they're only biased against ISU when they're playing other Big 12 teams, the referees call the rockets for three consecutive PI penalties to set the 'clones up for the winning score late.


Iowa State 31, Toledo 27 - This is going to be a dogfight for Iowa State this week. For a team that opened the season with a loss to an FCS team in NDSU, the Cyclones are going to have to put together some sound defensive strategies. Toledo averages over 200 yards passing and rushing per game so far this year. With head coach Paul Rhodes on the hot seat this week, I believe his team will narrowly pull off this must win.


Iowa State 31, Toledo 24 - ISU's offense has been a dumpster fire, but Toledo's D gives up a ton of points. Since this game is in Ames, and the Cyclones fans know how to give their team a home field advantage, they will take care of business against the Rockets.

Kansas vs. No. 16 Oklahoma State

Jamie Plunkett

Oklahoma State 49, Kansas 10 - Daxx Garman will tear apart Kansas without mercy. Poor Kansas. Even more Poor Kansas than Poor Iowa State.

Marshall Weber

Oklahoma State 63, Kansas 17 - J.W. Walsh (who I'm pretty sure I called Clint Chelf last week) is still out with an injury. Daxx Garman has done a admirable job of filling the void, but all the eyes are on Tyreek Hill. Despite much of the focus on the conference being on Baylor, TCU, Charlie Strong, etc., Hill is one of best things about the Big 12 right now.

Hawkeyed Frog
Oklahoma State 56, Kansas 12 - How bad is Kansas at football?  So bad.  How good is Oklahoma State at football?  At least above average.  No turnaround for the Jayhawks.


Oklahoma State 41, Kansas 7 - For a team that looked very impressive in a near win over Florida State, their in-conference results have not been nearly as strong. They have the easiest conference schedule thus far, as they played arguably the 3 worst team in the Big 12. They allowed Texas Tech and Iowa State to complete 50% of their 3rd down plays, in Stillwater I might add. This week will be an easy win, but it will be a steep uphill climb from there for the Cowboys.


Oklahoma State 42, Kansas 17 - The 2014 Kansas Jayhawks - the cure for what ails ya. If it's true that John Harbaugh is truly interested in the Kansas job, then the rest of the Big 12 better go about getting their licks in now. They might not be the whipping boy for much longer.

No. 9 TCU @ No. 5 Baylor

Jamie Plunkett

TCU 31, Baylor 30 - This is so close, and Baylor will probably win. However, who would I be if I didn't pick the Frogs? That's right, I'd be Fungo. No one wants that.

Marshall Weber

TCU 35, Baylor 27 - Baylor has plenty of weapons, and they make a last minute bid for a win, but the Frogs edge them out in Waco. The Bears play great at home, sure, but TCU is just more polished right now. Yes, they blew out SMU at home. Yes, Baylor is night and day when playing home versus away, but their game in Austin made them look extremely vulnerable. All detailed inter-workings aside, I simply think TCU wants it more and that they're more prepared on every level than Baylor is right now.

Hawkeyed Frog

TCU 41, Baylor 27 - I don't think I'll be alone in picking the Frogs this week, but I'm pretty confident that my margin of victory will be the largest.  I love the matchup of the TCU defense against the Baylor offense most of the time, and this year with an offense that can actually stay on the field and match any big play that Baylor puts up, I like it even more.  This year Petty will be the one throwing into the end zone at the end of the game to attempt to pull off the win, and much like last year it will end in an interception- a pick 6 as time expires means that Oberkrom doesn't get to try the extra point.

TCU 41, Baylor 38 - I am going to predict the same exact score as last year, but reverse the winner and loser. All of the talk about how Baylor is a better team this year and how stout their defense is, which means absolutely nothing to me. The fact of the matter is, Baylor has not played a major conference offense that scores more than 20 points per game. The best offense they have seen so far this year was Iowa State. Enough said right there. You take out by far the best opponent either team has played this year in Oklahoma, and TCU's defense is statistically the best in the country.

Both offenses will score some points Saturday, but one team will make a few more crucial errors to prevent their team from winning (Baylor). TCU was that team last year with too many turnovers and mental mistakes. The offense gave up 21 in 2013, and a game winning touchdown bounced off Brandon Carter's shoulder for an interception. TCU held the best offense in the country to 20 points last season, and I believe that they will do enough to win the game in Waco this year.

TCU 38, Baylor 35 - this is, without a doubt, the hardest game I've picked all year. I was supremely confident against OU, and just knew the Frogs had that one. This game feels much more like a toss-up, especially being on the road. I don't think that Baylor has some untenable home field advantage, but this is their first home game in a while, the first Big 12 game in the new digs, and a chance for their O to regroup in front of a crowd that might be quiet when they make calls (so let's be loud, friends in purple, yes?) I won't be surprised with a close score or a frenetic finish by either squad, and expect it to come down to the wire, as the these games tend to do lately. Ultimately, I'm not going to pick against TCU until I have a darn good reason to do so, and they haven't given me one of those yet. Oberkrom (my sources say has been getting extra work in this week with his kicking coach, thankfully) gets sweet redemption Saturday, kicking a long game winner as the clock winds down, and making that drive back up I-35 feel really good.

Around the Country

No. 3 Mississippi State vs. No. 2 Auburn

Jamie Plunkett - Auburn 27, Mississippi State 24

Marshall Weber - Mississippi State 41, Auburn 35

Hawkeyed Frog - MSU 31, Auburn 28

tylervr11 - Auburn 38, Mississippi State 35

coachmelissa - Mississippi State 35, Auburn 31

No. 3 Mississippi vs. No. 14 Texas A&M

Jamie Plunkett - Ole Miss 42, Texas A&M 35

Marshall Weber - Mississippi 31, Texas A&M 28

Hawkeyed Frog - Texas A&M 40, Ole Miss 28

tylervr11 - Texas A&M 28, Ole Miss 24

coachmelissa - Texas A&M 27, Mississippi 24

No. 18 UCLA vs. No. 12 Oregon

Jamie Plunkett - UCLA 31, Oregon 27

Marshall Weber - Oregon 49, UCLA 38

Hawkeyed Frog - UCLA 40, Oregon 35

tylervr11 - Oregon 45, UCLA 35

coachmelissa - Oregon 27, UCLA 17

Minnesota vs. Northwestern

Jamie Plunkett - Minnesota 28, Northwestern 24

Marshall Weber - Minnesota 30 vs. Northwestern 27

Hawkeyed Frog - Minnesota 27, Northwestern 13

tylervr11 - Northwestern 28, Minnesota 24

coachmelissa - Minnesota 24, Northwestern 20

No. 22 Georgia Tech vs. Duke

Jamie Plunkett - Georgia Tech 35, Duke 21

Marshall Weber - Georgia Tech 31, Duke 24

Hawkeyed Frog - Georgia Tech 39, Duke 15

tylervr11 - Georgia Tech 24, Duke 20

coachmelissa - Georgia Tech 28, Duke 24