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Overreaction Monday: Baylor Edition

Beware. The sad is plentiful.

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How do you overreact to that? 24 unanswered points in less than 11 minutes. Saturday's game in Waco was not unlike Cat Stark getting her throat cut to the bone. For 3 quarters, TCU played a beautiful game--and that's a big reason why this stings so bad. Sure, Bryce Petty was cutting up our defense on big plays, but that was it for 3 quarters. With every blow Baylor landed, the Horned Frogs came back with two more. But then the 4th quarter happened and it was all downhill from there.

If the fade isn't working, DON'T run the fade

This seems logical, right? If something's not working...maybe quit doing that thing? Baylor holding TCU to a field goal in the red zone was bad enough, but running a fade on 4th and short was the most ridiculous thing I've seen all season--and the first time I've questioned Cumbie and Meacham.

Run the ball more

TCU's isn't lacking on talented running backs. B.J. Catalon is a dynamic force and understandably the guy they'd want to anchor the tailback corps. The Air Raid doesn't necessarily cater to the run game per se, but with Aaron Green being as deadly as he is in the open field, Trevorris Johnson having the potential to be our Lendale White, and Kyle Hicks emerging as the most physical and confident of all of them---you wish Cumbie and Meacham would find a way to cater to them.

The big, deep plays are going to kill us

Seriously. We've said this a few times, but Derrick Kindred--while a great tackler--doesn't have the speed to keep up with the elite receivers in the conference. Just about everyone knew going into this game that the Frogs' weakness was giving up the big play--and Baylor exposed it severely. Even Corry O'Meally was getting exposed. Thankfully, TCU won't play another team with a receiving corps like that again this season.

This may have been Gary Patterson's darkest hour as a defensive coach. However, let's not take too much away from Bryce Petty. He's absolutely terrific--and while our receivers were getting burned left and right, a great deal of credit is still very much owed to Petty.

The run defense is still superb

Aside from a few big runs, I was pleased with the run defense. Paul Dawson and Marcus Mallet are as good as you'll find in the Big 12.

Creativity will save us

Whether it's returning the ball, throwing deep balls on trick plays, or just simply as a receiver---Cameron Echols-Luper will be a huge asset for TCU. Saturday indicated Cumbie and Meacham have plenty of tricks up their sleeve that are actually potent. Trevone Boykin was a little underwhelming Saturday, but he's getting the timing down with the killshot to Kolby Listenbee, and hitting just about every pass to his go-to, Josh Doctson.

The Revivalry is real

As a TCU fan, I really dislike Baylor as a football team. I'm sure other fans will use more choice words than that--I certainly used quite a few myself after Saturday's tragic ending.

The season's far from over

TCU's hopes for a Big 12 title are far from over. For one, Baylor still has to play at Norman in early November. The Bears don't play nearly as well on the road--and last week at Texas was proof. If TCU just gets back to business this week and takes care of a very good, yet very beatable Oklahoma State team on Saturday, they'll be back in the conversation.

It's hard to have a short memory when you lose in the most gut-wrenching way possible to your biggest rival. However, while TCU's down, they're certainly not out.