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TCU vs. Texas Tech game time set.

TCU avoids the dreaded 11am game yet again. They'll play the Red Raiders on Saturday, October 25, at 2:30 PM on FOX


Hide your sister, your girlfriend, your mama, and your cousin too, because Kliff Kingsbury makes his Fort Worth debut in less than two weeks. I still haven't decided if 2:30 games are a good or bad thing yet. They are, for sure, superior to 11am games. Looking ahead, TCU likely won't play any 11am games at home--except for maybe the closer against Iowa State in December.

The Horned Frogs are looking for their first win against the Red Raiders since joining the Big 12. The last two have been quite the doozies; a 3OT loss in 2012, and a very strange 20-10 loss that involved a very mischievous fox.

Once again Saturday, October 25, 2:30 PM on FOX