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Around the Big 12 (and Beyond): Week 6

The non-Big 12 games certainly shook things up a bit.

Ronald Martinez

Current Standings

1. Marshall Weber (45-4)

2. tylervr11 (44-5)

3. coachmelissa (42-7)

4. Hawkeyed Frog (41-7)

5. Jamie Plunkett (39-10)

Big 12 Games

West Virginia 37, Texas Tech 34

I thought for sure Tech would pull this win out when they were sitting there, up 34-20 with just over 7 minutes left in the game. But, much like the Frogs, they couldn't hold the lead, and lost on a last second field goal to the Mountaineers. Coachmelissa missed this one, but everyone else got it right, and Hawk nailed West Virginia's score.

No. 11 Oklahoma 31, Texas 26

Oklahoma won this closer than expected game, and we got one of the greatest gifs this season because of it.

Texas Bow Tie

(SIDENOTE: I know bow tie guy. He's a good guy. He just happens to also like bow ties and Texas)

Iowa State 37, Toledo 30

I would like to apologize to Iowa State for picking Toledo in this game. I regretted it almost immediately. That being said, you were losing at halftime to Toledo. Come on now. No one else was as silly as me, and coachmelissa nailed the margin of victory.

No. 16 Oklahoma State 27, Kansas 20

No one saw this coming. That is, no one saw Oklahoma State, a team that hung with Florida state and dominated Texas Tech and Iowa State, being outgained by Kansas and needing a 99-yard kickoff return late in the fourth quarter to knock off the Jayhawks. Fortunately, the Pokes won, and the game this week is a premier matchup.

No. 5 Baylor 61, No. 9 TCU 58

This one will hurt for a long time. It still hurts to even type that it hurts right now. TCU's defense ran out of steam, and that's all I have to say about that. We can blame officiating, or questionable play calling, but in the end, 58 points should win the game.

Around the Country

No. 3 Mississippi State 38, No. 2 Auburn 23
No. 3 Mississippi 35, No. 14 Texas A&M 20
No. 12 Oregon 42, No. 18 UCLA 30
Minnesota 24, Northwestern 17
Duke 31, No. 22 Georgia Tech 25