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Around the Big 12: Week 8

The Big 12 was thrown into chaos on Saturday, and now Kansas State leads the pack.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Well, well, well.....What do we have here? Chaos, you say? Bring it on.

Currently, Marshall is leading the way with a 54-4 record, while Hawk (49-10) overtakes Melissa (48-11) with a solid week. Meanwhile, nothing to see here as I continue to bring up the rear, with a pitiful 46-13 record.

Around the Big 12

West Virginia 41, No. 4 Baylor 27

Well, well, well, Marshall and Hawk nailed this game, while Melissa and I had more confidence in Baylor. Shane on us. I hear Baylor fans are complaining about officiating in this game. Zero feels for you, folks. With Baylor's loss, will there be a new top ranked Big 12 team in the polls today? One can only wait and see.

No. 14 Kansas State 31, No. 11 Oklahoma

Sooners fans are probably feeling like Frog fans did a week ago after this game. Two missed field goals, a blocked extra point, and a pick six surrendered, and they lose by a point. Gut wrenching. As for the staff picks, we all had Oklahoma winning a close one. Shame on me for saying this on Friday:

Bill Snyder forgot his wizard staff in his Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl windbreaker.

Bill Snyder never forgets his wizard staff. Ever.

Texas Tech 34, Kansas 21

Tech did what they needed to do to win this game, and finally gets one in the conference win column this season. Something interesting to note, ten Raiders caught passes on Saturday, including quarterback Davis Webb. All the staffers got this one right, because you can't trust Kansas to do even the simplest of things.

Texas 48, Iowa State 45

Iowa State had overtime in its sights, and then blew it. Absolutely blew it. With less than 30 seconds left in the game Iowa State allowed a 40 yard completion to put Texas in field goal range, where kicker Nick Rose drilled a 21-yarder to win. Needless to say, all the staffers got this pick right too.

No. 12 TCU 42, No. 15 Oklahoma State 9

I have not witnessed a more thorough beating of a top 15 team since TCU destroyed No. 6 Utah in Salt Lake City back in 2010. TCU was absolutely dominant in every phase of the game, and the Cowboys didn't complete a pass in the second half. Dominant. Of course, we all picked TCU, because none of us are Fungo.

Around the Country

No. 2 Florida State 31, No. 5 Notre Dame 27

Nailed it: Jamie, Marshall. Missed it: Hawk, Melissa

No. 7 Alabama 59, No. 21 Texas A&M 0

Nailed it: Marshall, Hawk, Melissa. Missed it: Jamie

No. 17 Arizona State 26, No. 23 Stanford 10

Nailed it: Marshall, Hawk, Jamie. Missed it: Melissa

No. 13 Ohio State 56, Rutgers 17

Nailed it: Marshall, Hawk, Melissa, Jamie

No. 9 Oregon 45, Washington 20

Nailed it: Marshall, Hawk, Melissa, Jamie