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Overreaction Sunday: Gundy (Finally) Goes Down Edition.

The Doctor, Deuce Boogie, and Hackett shine as TCU bounces back in tremendous fashion.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Don't call it a comeback. After a disastrous 4th quarter in Waco, TCU bounced back in tremendous fashion and beat Oklahoma State for the first time since joining the Big 12 conference--and the first time since 1992. Games like the Baylor one typically, and understandably, break teams down both mentally and physically. But there was no Bane for TCU; neither their spirit nor their body seemed to be affected on Saturday as the Frogs cruised to a 42-9 victory against Oklahoma State.

While the offense, especially the ever entertaining Josh Doctson, was as good as it's looked, the resiliency of the defense was the biggest takeaway from the game. Again, they got torched last weekend, but instead of burying their heads in the college football sand of defeat, the Frog defense allowed only 9 points--no touchdowns--and held Oklahoma State to their first sub-20 game since 2010.

Josh Doctson is the playmaker we've had all along

Before The Doctor was the playmaker we've all come to know and love this season, his maturity level was something that was always pointed out. Now mix that in there with being Boykin's go-to guy, and the sky's the limit for the Wyoming transfer.

Agents of Chaos; TCU is now back in playoff contention.

Let #Big12Chaos begin. TCU's in prime position to take back a playoff spot. If the Horned Frogs win out, TCU will have a damn good case for the playoff; most notably with games in Morgantown and the November 8th showdown in Fort Worth against Kansas State. Only one of the Mississippi schools, Florida State, and Marshall can go undefeated at this point, so at least two 1-loss teams will get in. Even as a big Rakeem Cato fan, I can pretty much guarantee the school I share a namesake with won't be getting in. We'll have to wait a couple more weeks to see the playoff committee's first poll, but everything being said about TCU has been overwhelmingly positive.

Also, keep rooting for Minnesota.

What's happened to Ethan Perry and Jaden Oberkrom?

Both of these guys were the shinier parts of TCU's 2012 season. You'd expect kickers and punters to get better, but the two have digressed significantly this season. Perry still has some decent punts here and there, but he's had many more awful ones. Oberkrom did well keeping it away from Tyreek Hill on Saturday, but he's missing field goals that he's very capable of making.

Despite the Baylor game, the defense is still amazing.

Patterson said the lackluster performance on defense was a result of him trying to implement a more complicated scheme. It didn't work as he imagined, and while it may have been a mental kryptonite for most teams, TCU was back to brute defense against Oklahoma State this week. Chris Hackett played one of the best games of his TCU career, the defensive line was getting to Daxx Garman with ease, and the linebackers were the prototypical Gary Patterson linebackers we've salivated over for years. Again, despite the gaffe of the Baylor game, this is as finely tuned, complete, and confident a Patterson defense has ever been.

106 to 7.

Last year TCU had the 106th best offense in the country. This year? The 7th. (Praise Cumbie and Meacham).

The running game finally got a bigger showcase, and it's really, really good

B.J. Catalon had the prettiest run of his TCU career on Saturday--the 34-yard touchdown run to put TCU up 7-0 (his other 30+ yard run on 4th down wasn’t too shabby either). Aaron Green, Kyle Hicks, and Trevorris Johnson all looked really good as well. This may be a better unit than TCU's three-headed monster of Waymon James, Ed Wesley, and Matthew Tucker in 2010. Plus, a four-headed monster is much more dangerous. The depth at running back may be the most promising aspect for TCU's future on offense at the moment.

Boykin deserves some Heisman consideration

Since TCU's not undefeated at this point, and he wasn't in preseason contention, Boykin wouldn't win the Heisman if it ended today. But if it were to end today, he'd deserve a trip to New York. Coming just in time for Christmas, it's not too insane to say Boykin could be up on the same stage as Dak Prescott and Marcus Mariotta, among others.

Imagine that.

So this is when I call the social media troops to help make this happen in anyway possible. I'm all in for #BoykinForHeisman