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Frog Poll: Week 9

How did the chaos from last week shake up the Frog Poll?

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Another week, more chaos. We discovered numerous things last week including, but not limited to; TCU's a resilient, smash-mouth team, Texas A&M isn't very good--we were all fooled by the South Carolina game, Mariota is still worthy of a Heisman, and that Jameis Winston and Florida State have all the rabbits feet in the world.

Our fearless leader is still, unapologetically high on Florida State. Whereas myself and Melissa have that Dak Fever. Our Horned Frogs are back in the Top 10, as is another purple guy. And somehow, Notre Dame is still in this thing. (Don't ask me).

The Ten.

1. Mississippi State

Dak Prescott and Marcus Mariota are going blow for blow right now in the Heisman race, with Mariota now ahead by a feather. However, the scheduling favors Prescott, and should he and the Bulldogs win out, he’d likely win.

2. Florida State

Florida State has its share of flaws, but for lack of a better term, they’ve earned their right playoff right thus far--that’s just the way it is. A really good piece by Matthew Hinton, on Jameis Winston explains FSU and JW perfectly. In a nutshell, despite his gaffes, Jameis Winston, on the field, is as good as gets. The polarity of his on-field decisions versus his off-field ones are duly noted--but as it remains now, he and the Seminoles are finding ways to win.

3. Ole Miss

Oh, Dr. Bo. You’re going into Death Valley and guess what...they don’t like you very much. The Rebels are favored by only 3 against a hohum Tiger squad, but there’s a reason Wright Thompson--a noted Ole Miss fan, declared Tiger Stadium "the greatest place to watch a live sporting event".Given the right game, it’s as tough as Dortmund, Seattle, or anywhere else on the globe you wish to throw out there. It may not seem that way on paper, but the Rebels have a really big test this weekend.

4. Alabama

Johnny Manziel’s dramatic win against the Crimson Tide in 2012 now seems like an eternity ago. I think Saban’s figured out that spread.

5. TCU

TCU’s transformation defies science. We all talked about how, even if the offense was only slightly better, the Frogs would have a chance to win 8 or 9 games, and that in and of itself would be a tremendous leap. TCU’s accelerated far beyond that and have produced one of the better offenses not only in the Big 12, but the entire country.

5. Auburn

No one’s really talking about Auburn. That’s probably how Gus and Nick Marshall like it. This year’s Iron Bowl should be another great one. No pressure or anything.

7. Michigan State

November 8th is going to be a big day. Among a handful of great games, is a rematch of last year’s Big 10 Championship. Though the conference is split up where a rematch in Detroit between these two teams is no longer applicable, this is more or less the Big 10 title game.

8. Kansas State

Purple Reign Part II! Welcome to the Top 10, Wildcats. The purple teams in the Big 12 are causing all the ruckus, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus, if you don’t like Bill Snyder--there’s the door.

9. Oregon

Mariota is back. Well, he really never left. Should Oregon and Mississippi State both win out, the Heisman ceremony will be one of the most interesting--and by that I mean actually close--in a good while.

10. Notre Dame

Personally, I still don’t believe in Notre Dame. David Robinson’s son is awesome, and they may have been royally screwed out of a win, but Florida State has its share of problems--so losing to that team isn't really a good look.

The Poll.

Team Votes
1. Mississippi State (2) 74
2. Florida State (1) 72
3. Ole Miss 70
4. Alabama 61
5. TCU 59
5. Auburn 59
7.Michigan State 58
8. Kansas State 55
9. Oregon 56
10. Notre Dame 49
11. Georgia 40
12. Baylor 43
13. Nebraska 37
14. Arizona 36
15. Arizona State 35
16. Ohio State 33
17. Utah 25
18. West Virginia 22
19. Oklahoma 22
20. Marshall 18
21. East Carolina 16
22. USC 13
23. Minnesota 7
24. Oklahoma State 7
25. UCLA 6

Also Receiving Votes: Clemson, Duke.