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TCU Will Change Sideline Signals For Texas Tech Game

Is this really necessary?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

In his weekly press conference yesterday, TCU head coach Gary Patterson mentioned that the Frogs would be tweaking their offensive signals in preparation for Saturday's game against Texas Tech.

"Everybody has everybody’s signals," Patterson said. "We’ll change what we have to change. There will have to be some tweaks."

(Quote pulled from the Dallas Morning News)

Obviously there have been issues with signal calling this season, as Trevone Boykin and Gary Patterson both called out Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield for stealing signs during TCU's 37-33 win over Oklahoma on October 4.

Not to mention, Tech has great familiarity with  TCU co-offensive coordinator Sonny Cumbie, who was an assistant coach with the Red Raiders for five years before coming to Fort Worth.

Both of those are solid reasons for tweaking the signals, but if the changes are too great, could that do damage to the offense? The tempo of this new scheme relies heavily on getting the signals into Boykin quickly, and having them relayed from Boykin to the rest of the offense quickly as well. If there's any confusion, the offense slows down and players get crossed on their assignments.

Now, Boykin is an intelligent player and he's excelled within this new offense, so, there's probably nothing to worry about. However, it's still something to watch for on Saturday.