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Texas Tech @ TCU Horned Frogs Gamethread

The top 10 ranked Frogs play host to a Red Raider team that has historically had their number. Will the Frogs reduce the number of teams they haven't beaten in Big 12 play to one?

The grace of Boykin
The grace of Boykin
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

This is a big one. For all of the talk about "8-4 would be a good season" "Just getting back to a bowl would be a nice step forward" at the start of the season, we'd all be lying at this point if we ended in just any bowl. This game is huge for keeping up in the conference race, but even more importantly, it's a game that we want for personal reasons.

Tech means a lot to we Frog fans in Fort Worth, because Tech fans are everywhere in Fort Worth- They go to work with you, wave to you as they drive by your house, you have their family over for dinner from time to time and they seem like nice enough people... until Tech week. When Tech week rolls around these otherwise good people remember all of the times that Tech has beaten the Frogs over the years, and are happy to let you relive those terrible memories- like the original blown 21 point lead in the 2004 game, the overtime game in our first Big 12 season and the night of miserable offense and very confusing referee calls of punt returns. Institution-wise, the Baylor rivalry is hands down the top on the TCU schedule each year, but fan wise it may just be Texas Tech who is number one in your hearts- that's what makes it fun... as long as you win.

And that's where we find ourselves today- the Raiders have struggled so far this year, but historically that hasn't mattered much in this series- the Raiders always play us tough, no matter what the records are. If the Frogs overlook the Red Raiders because they're thinking of those lofty trophies, major bowl bids or playoff access, we will lose, and then we'll have a long time to hear about how we lost. And frankly, if we don't beat Tech this year, what's it going to take for us to get that monkey off our backs?

This is your game thread for discussing the West Texas Showdown game with your fellow Frogs (and possibly a few Raiders). Let's hope that this year you'll be the one with a story or two to tell that Raider neighbor of yours.

Go Frogs.