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One Heck of a Wreck: TCU 82, TTU 27

TCU sets a new record for points scored, while battering Davis Webb and Texas Tech repeatedly.

There was a lot of this.
There was a lot of this.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was a lot of fun, wasn't it? After a first half that was good, but still felt like we had missed a few opportunities to blow the game open, the horned frogs not only stomped on the throat of the Raiders in the third quarter, but jumped up and down on the throat until the last twitches stopped. It took four minutes for Texas Tech's offense to get on the field in the second half, and during that time TCU kicked a field goal (Oberkrom looks like he's got his head on straight again, by the way), kicked off, recovered said kickoff, and immediately got a touchdown. Another ten points on top of TCU's 17 point halftime lead meant the game was over from a competitive standpoint, but still the hits kept coming- Deante Gray did things that should be illegal to the Texas Tech defense to take an 80+ yard reception to the end zone, and on the next series Ty Slanina finally collected a touchdown pass this season, catching a first down pass and turning it into much much more.

Do you remember 70-35? Because after today, I'm quite sure Patterson does, and was determined that the "Most points scored in the series" on the TCU/Texas Tech Wikipedia page would no longer be able to list that game. Amazing after a first half that had me thinking "I sure hope those missed opportunities don't end up costing us this one...", but Trevone Boykin put up absolutely outlandish stats in his three quarters of play, setting a new TCU record for touchdown passes in a game with 7, while also setting the new TCU record for points scored in a single game with backup quarterback Zach Allen's keeper into the end zone. What a game.  Any questions about running up the score or what have you can wait until tomorrow, let's just enjoy this for tonight.  Bowl eligible!

Smile time!