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Overreaction Sunday: We're Out of Fireworks Edition.

In this week's 'Overreaction Sunday': Gary finally beats Tech, Boykin's a legitimate Heisman contender, and was Kingsbury given his money via briefcase in the spirit of a Cormac McCarthy novel? This and more.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

After a 3OT loss in 2012, a weird 20-10 loss that included bad calls, horrendous gray uniforms, and a fox on the field in 2013, TCU finally got revenge on Texas Tech. And by revenge, we mean it was an absolute massacre. Gary Patterson improved to 2-3 all time versus our friends from Lubbock, and bested the anti-Patterson (in literally every way), Kliff Kingsbury.

For Tech fans, you have to wonder why your school was so eager to jump the gun and give Kliff a fat daddy contract so prematurely. Tech trounced teams during the first half of their 2013 campaign, but when it got down to the brass of it; Kansas State, Texas, Baylor, Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma, Tech lost every single one of them. Did Tech decide to give a Kliff a suitcase full of money after an ugly win against TCU in Lubbock? Who knows.

It probably wasn't in a briefcase, but if you've ever read a Cormac McCarthy novel, it wouldn't be surprising. West Texas is just a different animal. Briefcase or no briefcase, Lubbock should be scratching their heads right now and giving Kliff some serious thought that goes beyond what's hiding under his wayfarers.

Boykin is King. And a legitimate Heisman candidate.

Somewhat of an oxymoron, TCU fans, myself included, are obnoxiously hard-nosed. So when Trevone Boykin has a legitimate case for the Heisman, you better believe that fans are going to riot every week he's not in the Top-5--as they probably should. Boykin's now third in total offense (382.9 ypg), behind Western Kentucky's Brandon Doughty, and Washington State's Connor Halliday--who's likely going to break the NCAA passing record.

The first play in the video is Boykin's best Heisman highlight thus far.

106 to 1.

Deuce and TCU are now the highest scoring team in the country with 50.2 ppg.

Still getting killed on big plays

Gary's adjustments were solid, but getting hurt by the big play early still scares me. The other Kevin White is West Virginia's most dangerous weapon by far, and while they may not have an arsenal like Baylor, it's still going to be a challenge not unlike Sterling Shepard in the Oklahoma game.

White is going to make big plays next Saturday, there's little doubt about that, but if Gary can find a way to limit the blows like he did against the Sooners, TCU should be fine. Again, this still worries me, as I'm sure it does you.

Everyone in between

After Boykin, it's hard to talk about just one player. Receivers; Josh Doctson, Kolby Listenbee, Ty Slanina, and Deante' Gray have all been outstanding. As have running backs; B.J. Catalon, Aaron Green, Kyle Hicks, and Trevorris Johnson. But the best part about both of these corps is that no player mentioned is a carbon copy of another. Each brings something unique and different to the table, making the Cumbie and Meacham offense all the more dangerous.

Enjoy it while we got him

I don't want to bring everyone down, but with TCU's offense doing what it's doing, it's unfortunate knowing that Doug Meacham may not be with TCU for too much longer. If TCU makes a playoff run this year, it could be one-and-done should the right offer come to Meach.

Best case? TCU gets him for 3 years. Worst? 1. Realistically? 2.

Either way, Meacham will be getting a nice Christmas gift in hopes he sticks around for a minute.

The red zone defense is DIRTY.

On the other side of the coin, the stingy red zone defense has negated a lot of the those big plays. If TCU wins out--and makes a playoff run--the red zone defense will have had a major role. Just like it suffocated Oklahoma State last week, the red zone defense kept Tech from capitalizing on their deep plays, keeping them out of the game early--thus allowing for TCU to take advantage in the second half.

The official playoff poll will help TCU

Here's the thing, the Coaches Poll and AP Polls don't matter. Unlike these polls, which seem like they're sent in while the their respective voters are still dreary-eyed and having their morning coffee, the playoff voters actually watch these games. They know, despite a bad 5 minutes, TCU could very well be the Number 2 team in the country. Plus, taking out their anger and showing resiliency post-Baylor also gets them points. Let's just take it one game at a time and not throw a fuss until after the Iowa State game.

Sonny Cumbie's special relationships.

Not unlike Doug Meacham had a leg up on the Oklahoma State offense (and will for West Virginia as well), Sonny Cumbie went up against his alma mater, and where he served as Co-offensive coordinator before coming to Fort Worth, and shellacked Texas Tech. Somehow, there’s a lot of debate between Red Raider fans as to how much Cumbie had an effect at Tech. Well, Trevone Boykin’s 7 touchdowns are as good of evidence as you’ll find. Cumbie's basically the Yoda for developing quarterbacks.

Boykin is miles better than Webb, but Webb was actually kinetic last year. It takes a lot for a guy to leave his alma mater, so while Cumbie wanted to reinvent TCU's offensive identity, you have to wonder if there was some bad blood between Kliff and Sonny.


TCU's third-down efficiency still has work to do. It sounds crazy to say, but yesterday could've been a lot worse for Tech than 82-27. West Virginia and Kansas State will have better plans for the Frog offense than we saw yesterday. Converting those third-downs early in the game will be a major part of getting out of those games with wins.


The combined score of TCU's last two games. (yeeeesh).