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No. 25 TCU vs. No. 4 Oklahoma: Matchups to Watch

There are several key matchups that you should keep your eye on during Saturdays' matchup against Oklahoma.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

In what is easily the biggest game to this point, the Horned Frogs are looking to make a huge statement in the Big 12 with a win over the Sooners. In doing so, several Frogs have to have big days, while TCU must slow down, or stop, several specific Sooners.

Here are the matchups to watch.

Kevin White vs. Sterling Shepard

Because of the way Oklahoma's offense works, you can read more about that in the great interview Marshall did with Ian Boyd, Shepard often finds himself in one-on-one coverage, despite being the best receiver for the Sooners. Kevin White is gaining confidence as the season moves forward, and this will be his biggest test of the season. Will he have his best game of the year? He's been shaky at some points early on, and if that's the case again, Shepard might have a huge game.

Mike Tuaua vs. Tyrus Thompson

We all remember Thompson from the 2012 game, when he punched Stansly Maponga in the head. This season, Tuaua will need to be able to beat Thompson one-on-one on the edge, because I'd bet OU will want to use most of their doubles on Chucky Hunter and Davion Pierson in the middle of the line. Pressuring Trevor Knight will be a huge key to throwing off this offense, and Tuaua, along with James McFarland and Josh Carraway have to be the guys to do so.

Paul Dawson vs. Samaje Perine

Perine is a 5-foot-11, 243-pound bowling ball, while Dawson is a 6-foot-2, 230-pound beast, and when they collide, it's going to be loud. Perine was successful against West Virginia because the linebackers struggled to bring him down at first contact. That can't happen with Dawson, he needs to wrap up and bring Perine to the ground when they meet. Making Oklahoma one-dimensional on offense will go a long way towards stopping them, and this is how you do that.

Trevone Boykin vs. Oklahoma's Secondary

Boykin has shown vast improvements this season, there's no doubt about it. He's one of eight quarterbacks in the country who leads his team in both passing and rushing yards. However, this Oklahoma secondary is the best one he's faced to this point, and he'll need to be on point if the Frogs are going to succeed. The biggest thing to look for here is his accuracy. If he can hit his receivers when they're open (especially Listenbee and Gray when they get behind the safeties), TCU can put a lot of pressure on the Sooners.

TCU Offensive Line vs. OU's Defensive Line

Oklahoma has an incredible defensive line, and how well TCU's big boys hold up is critical to the rest of the offense being able to do their jobs. If the Sooners spend a lot of time in the backfield, this will be a long, long day. Boykin has only been sacked four times on the season, but the Sooners have already accumulated 12 sacks on the season. If he's running for his life, things have gone wrong.