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Links O'War, Friday October 31st.

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Are West Virginia and TCU due for yet another overtime battle?

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Happy Halloween. Here are your Friday Links O'War.

Horned and Dangerous: How Defensive Guru Gary Patterson Built College Football’s Most Prolific Offense at TCU:

Matt Hinton fills the non-TCU masses on Gary's offseason moves.

TCU, West Virginia Big 12 contenders in 3rd year

How TCU's Gary Patterson built the Frogs into a Playoff contender:

SBNation's Wescott Eberts also goes into detail about Gary's offseason moves.

TCU prediction: Are the Horned Frogs due for another overtime thriller against West Virginia?:

Ryan Gerbosi predicts another overtime battle between TCU and the Mountaineers.

True frosh could start in place of TCU’s Doctson:

Will Emmanuel Porter start over Doctson Saturday? At least for the first quarter? Porter. who had a solid game against Tech, is a great blocker and also has great size. But Josh Doctson is well...Josh Doctson.