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Oklahoma Sooners @ TCU Horned Frogs Gamethread

A day of reckoning for unbeatens, as the TCU Horned Frogs kick off their conference slate against the powerful and undefeated Oklahoma Sooners.

Lots of this please.
Lots of this please.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Since joining the Big 12, TCU has felt like a team of "What If"s. "What if Casey Pachall doesn't go off the deep end?" "What if Waymon James didn't have his leg shredded against Kansas?" "What if Trevone Boykin actually practiced at quarterback from time to time before moving to the starting role?" "What if Casey didn't break his arm in week 2?" "What if Devonte Fields could have stayed healthy/kept his desire to blast people in check?". That's a long list of grievances since TCU has joined the Big 12, and as valid as they may have been, other fans had one response.

It makes for a great story if you overcome hardships and win, but if you don't win nobody really wants to hear the reasons why you weren't at your best. That's the situation that TCU has found itself in these past years, coming close in big games but not quite pulling out the victory, only to be left wondering "What if..." and I'm sure that you all are just as tired of it as I am. Today is a big day- a top 5 team is coming to Fort Worth for the second time in the Big 12 era and this time the Frogs are ready for them. The offense is better than it's been since we joined the Big 12, the defense is as solid as ever- this is a year where we'll get to see exactly what the Frogs can do with a Big 12 schedule without having to ask a bunch of what ifs- the only thing that matters is the scoreboard.

And you know, there was a time not too long ago when a team fresh off of a Sugar Bowl stomping of a favored Alabama team came to Fort Worth and got blasted to a degree that even Devonte Fields would approve of. I don't expect anything near that margin of victory today, but I do think that when the time comes to look at the scoreboard in the end, the Frogs will be pleased with their efforts.

Today's gamethread will be a little different and is being posted early, because your usual gamethread host will actually be in attendance for this one- and though I intend to update and comment from the stadium, there's no telling how successful that's going to be. If you're going to the game, I'll be the guy in the #ToadToOmaha shirt in section 314, so feel free to stop by and say "G'day" or what have you if you like.

Go Frogs