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What's the score, paisano?: TCU 37, #4 OU 33

No "What Ifs" in this one as TCU pulls off the upset and collects first truly big home win in the Big 12 era over the Oklahoma Sooners

Beautiful sight.
Beautiful sight.
Tom Pennington

Postgame reaction and analysis will both come here due to the weird schedule of me actually being at the game.

HawkeyedFrog: We just couldn't ever let it be comfortable, could we?  TCU's offense was firing on all cylinders to start the game as the Frogs picked up an early 14-0 lead, only to have the supposedly stalwart defense give up two huge deep balls to the Sooners to set OU up for an easy score and get straight into the end zone respectively to tie the game at the end of the first quarter.  In the second quarter TCU and OU would again trade touchdowns and then field goals- and at the end of the first half TCU had scored more points than they've ever scored against OU- but still only had a knotted score to show for it.  In the second half the Frogs offense and defense switched roles, with the offense starting to stall a bit, racking up penalties and turning the ball over, while the defense stepped up and contained Trevor Knight well, holding the quarterback to just 40% completion for the night and collecting two magnificent picks that resulted in a "pick 4" (Oberkrom got blocked and run back for a safety) and retrieved the ball for the TCU offense with six minutes left after Boykin had put the ball on the ground two plays prior.  Of course, the frogs immediately put the ball on the ground on their next play as well and still ended up needing the defense to step up twice more to salt the game away.  But, as I said in the gamethread...

The score at the end of the game had TCU with more points on the board than OU, and right now that's all I care about.  Revel in this one for a day, but don't get complacent- on Monday hate week begins, and it could well be the biggest game in the history of the Revivalry.  But for the first time since we've joined the Big 12, we enter Baylor week with smiles on our faces.  Go Frogs.


SBNation doesn't like the embedded video at the moment, but it's still there.