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Around the Big 12: Week 6

The Big 12 held true on Saturday, except for one, big game.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Current Standings

1. tylervr11 (38-1)

2. Marshall Weber (37-2)

3. coachmelissa (36-3)

4. Hawkeyed Frog (35-3)

5. Jamie Plunkett (34-5)

Note: Next week we'll be including some non-Big 12 matchups to try and keep everyone from picking the same winners each week.

No. 21 Oklahoma State 37, Iowa State 20

This one was almost exactly what we thought it would be, but Daxx Garman threw two picks and didn't look all that great for the majority of the game. Lucky for him, the Cowboys were playing Iowa State. That kind of game won't work out well against better opponents. I missed picking the exact score by one point, so there.

Next Week: Oklahoma State, Iowa State

No. 7 Baylor 28, Texas 7

Baylor's offense finally ran into a defense that has a little life, and they were slowed down quite a bit. I'm not sure if Charlie Strong is finally getting through to his guys, but they played with a little life on Saturday that had yet to be seen. If TCU's defense can stifle Baylor even further, I like the Frogs' chances.

Next Week:

West Virginia 33, Kansas 14

West Virginia didn't lose to Kansas two years in a row, saving the world from watching all the couches burn. All of them. We all thought West Virginia would score 40+, because they have incredible talent at wide receiver and quarterback, alas, they did not.

No. 23 Kansas State 45, Texas Tech 13

It isn't even a question at this point, Texas Tech is awful. Davis Webb threw four interceptions and the Raider defense gave up 535 yards to Kansas State's offense. Prediction: Tech doesn't win another game this year.

No. 25 TCU 37, No. 4 Oklahoma 33

13 points, Ian Boyd? Go Frogs. He redeemed himself slightly last night with this tweet, and for the record, he was right about Oklahoma, they're really stinking good.